Movemodo Features: How to be Better with Move in Killzone 3

Quoting Movemodo's Christopher Ingram:

"PlayStation Move has now seen its controls implemented into a few FPS games such as MAG and Modern Combat: Domination (ModComDom) with good overall results. The Killzone 3 Beta is available now through the PlayStation Store with spot-on Move integration, and Movemodo wants to help its readers out with a pro-tip guide to put DualShock users at the bottom of the leaderboards."

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Morituri2657d ago

The move works great for me. I always loved KZ, but was never one to be in the top 3 consistently. Since I've used the Move, my accuracy and confidence have shot through the roof. There's no going back for me, and I can't wait to see if the sharp shooter attachment yields even better results.

RayRay362657d ago

I tryed it for the first time last night on the beta, and Christ almighty, I went like 0-12. I pre-ordered the Sharp Shooter last night, Im thinkin that will make it 10 fold better. Im just going to play through the SP with it. I dont think the Move should be used online.

a_bro2657d ago

"I tryed it for the first time last night on the beta, and Christ almighty, I went like 0-12."

Keep playing and refining your settings, that 0-12 will turn to 50-15 in no time.

Pixel_Enemy2657d ago

Practice on botzone lol. I like playing with the move but I am too afraid to play online with it yet. I can't wait for the sharp shooter to see how that feels.

a_bro2657d ago

i just played a game of operations with Move as Helghast, the beginning of the match, i got a 12 killstreak, lol, 1st place overall, again

Stationfan2657d ago

Tinker with the settings, what works for me is i reduce the cursor sensitivity so that it wont register every shake in my hand, but jack up the turn settings.

I've gone a game 40-16 seriously, even if i dont do that well playing with the move is in my opinion more fun, because it adds an imersion level that cants be replicated with a ds3.

its says 39 but thats because i took picture before game was over, before the pic or it didnt happen comment.

I also play M.A.G exclusively with Move i dont do as well as in Killzone 3, but thats because K3 move implementation is a lot better, with colored reticule.


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metsgaming2657d ago

i just cant seem to get the turning right. It just isnt smooth and I can never get it to work the way I want it to in any fps i have tried it in.

Slapshot822657d ago

Try the settings I laid out in the Guide. A smaller horizontal deadzone, and a slower cursor speed makes turning the camera much easier.

With a few hours of practice controlling the camera becomes second nature. Remember, there once was a time when we were trying to get the hang of the DualShock and it's twin analog sticks!

oohWii2657d ago's not intuitive?

kneon2657d ago

Playing with it is, finding the perfect setup that suits you though is going to be trial and error.

jneul2657d ago

the pointing and shooting part is very intuitive, but like sony said the turning speed is the weakness, but if you tweak the settings you actually can find the perfect setting dfor you, and fact is using the move is far more superior to ds3, i was completely owning and im a girl and normally i sit around the middle of the table with a ds3, the amount of headshots and killstreaks you can get increases loads.
also it would be nice if you wii fans actually tried something before slating it.

KonohagakureFC2657d ago

Does the coop support move, I hope it does

sickbird2657d ago

I was never a fan of motion controls and a big fan of the DS3. After playing KZ3 with Move I don't really want to play another FPS without it. Its a hell of alot more accurate and im getting consistently better at movements (running/turning...) I plan on picking up the sharpshooter at launch.

It takes time to get used to it but once you do its the best way to play.

guitar_nerd_232657d ago

i have to admit i really like it, think the sharpshotter will make it easier to steady though so deffo gonna try that out

it may not be on par with a mouse technically but god damn its more fun!

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