Nintendo Wii VC Monday Includes Kirby's Avalanche, Tonma, Streets Of Rage 3

The newest offerings on the Wii Virtual Console have been announced this morning, and the lineup includes Kirby's Avalanche from Super NES, Streets Of Rage 3 from Sega Genesis, and LEGEND OF HERO TONMA from Hudson's TurboGrafx16.

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otherZinc4071d ago

when it comes to LIVE Marketplace, I'll love to play it again.

midgard2294071d ago

all nintendo focuses on is ports????? to many virtual console game,s im sure people bought the system for new games, not 20 year old games

hotrider124070d ago

why is nintendo always got games on that fu-king vertual console??
they should make contra, gradius, r-type shooter games on a disk so everyone can play for those who dont have high speed connection.
I love to buy a wii compare to crappy 360 and ps3

hotrider124070d ago

why do nintendo always have good classic games on the v c?? all they have to do is up grade the old games. I would like to see a new contra 4 or 5 and gradius 6 and r-type 4 shooter game for the wii a
c d disk not a down loaded game but a real game on a disk.

hotrider124070d ago

not everyone is a hardcore gamer their are 1,000 of old school gamer would like to stay in the gaming race NINTENDO!!!!!! everyone dont want to play a fu-king game that you have to blow someone head off or see body parts fly in the air, all bloody.. a simple shoot and run game is good enough we need more metal slug and contra type games.