Dark Souls: 'Our goal is to make it more difficult'

Last week, Namco Bandai and From Software announced that the spiritual sequel to cult classic PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls will be released this year. Oh, and it'll make you scream, yell and be frustrated too.

Action RPG Demon's Souls was a difficult game indeed, but Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki is committed to making the new game - now set for release on Xbox 360 alongside Sony's box - even tougher.

It's literally a difficult challenge to balance and the From Software team has already axed some Dark Souls content deemed too tough.

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SnakeMustDie2860d ago

Difficult is good but too much difficulty can render the game unplayable. Knowing From, they won't use cheap things to increase difficulty.

-Alpha2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I really think some people tend to over-exaggerate Demon's Souls' difficulty.

I wouldn't call it ultra hard, but definitely very challenging. The game actually got easier for me as I progressed, which sort of felt disappointing. The first world of Demon's Souls is the world everybody brings up: the rabid dogs, the guardian Knights, the dragon, the Iron Knight boss. All new players face those first and struggle a lot. But after that you learn to be patient, to learn the enemy patterns, you get stronger armor, weapons, and have access to co-op (which made the game easier), etc.

IMO what Dark Souls needs to do is sustain difficulty throughout. I felt sort of cheap using co-op, auto-healing armor, fire magic, etc. Some of it is my fault as I should have limited my use, but I felt that the greatest part of the game was when I experienced the game. There was a sense of confusion and not knowing what to expect or do.

I love Demon's Souls' difficulty and if Dark Souls will be harder then I am head over heels happy. The gameplay is ridiculously rewarding, exploration invokes fear, the sense of needing to survive is intense.

It's a great game, but I never found that the difficulty sustained throughout either because

a) I got better/understood the game
b) I spammed the magic
c) I played when it was on "easy mode" (World tendencies)

Still, it was challenging enough, and I am craving more even harder difficulty. Maybe it's just me, but I was so depressed when I beat the game. I really wanted more, which is why I'm so excited for Dark Souls. I am very happy that they are expanding exploration and difficulty.

The harder it is, the more satisfying it is. This is the principle of this series and it's a risk most other devs do not take.

MariaHelFutura2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

It`s a hard game. Period. I think it became cool to think Demon Souls isn`t hard.

UnSelf2860d ago

if there is one word i absolutely loathe in the english language it's 'over-exaggerate'

the sheer redundancy of this term is nerve-wrecking and yet it is used so freakin often.

you cant exaggerate an exaggeration, and it seems no one gets that

NukaCola2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Demon's Souls is all about patience and learning from the 'trial and error' method. It can be very frustrating though if you think your going to rush through this game. Slow down, breathe, tread carefully. I personally thought it was very hard and sometimes a nightmare, but I learned from every mistake I made and after about 50 times dying, I made it through the first area.

You never feel cheated. When you die you don't say "WTF that was bullsh*t", you just bite your lip, hate yourself a little and say "lol, I will never make that mistake again." You will make many mistakes, but you will learn fast how to avoid carelessness.

If I have to say the one thing Demon' Souls does better than any game I have ever played is: It will make the hardest of core gamer humble. Every step a forward achievement and you gain a great pride from completing the game. You don't feel like a badass, you feel like you actually earned it. Something rare today. When games are so easy you are just given the go, Demon's Souls is there to instill some humility in you.

Chubear2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I've been sieving through all interviews and info on this game looking key words that would show something jacked-up is about to be pulled with this game and Demon Souls fans will be disappointed but, damn, I can't find a single thing.

This game seems to be a Demon Souls fans dream come through. The one thing that's got me choked? OPEN WORLD! That's THE one thing I so desperately wanted in a Demon Souls2 and they're doing it here.

This game just seems to have win win win written all over it and will be one of 2 multiplat games I buy on launch this year (the other being Portal2)

... and oh, *steps out of 2month ban lock-down. Cracks knuckles, Cracks Neck and smiles*


BlackTar1872860d ago

i pretty much agree level 1 was hard at first but then it was much easier. I beat it 3x and only really struggled on 1-1 in the beginning and 4-3 before i bought the cure spell otherwise it wasnt that hard especially since i had high magic i could run up to almost all the boss use inferno i believe is the name and kill them right away basically. With that said anyone have a Friend ring i can borrow i need it to get the platinum.

NateCole2860d ago


It wasn't really that hard especially if you level up.

Its harder than normal games but its not ultra hard.

The hardest game i have ever played in NG2 on the NES. Perhaps because i was young then but i still have nightmares from killing the dragaon demon and then was revived again.

Belasco2860d ago

I am sure its been said before, but the game really isnt that hard if you pay attention, if your not it punishes you severely.

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doa7662860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

bring it on!!!

I finished Demon's Souls in 37 hours and contemplated real suicide only once (less that I did with Ninja Gaiden 2)

BlackTar1872860d ago

Only hard part for me in NG2 was the damn coop. Could never beat all the levels not even close.

R2D22860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Battle Toads says hi.

BlackTar1872860d ago

battletoads was hard as a kid i remember how happy i was when i beat the Vehicle stage

Darkfiber2860d ago

This is good as they are focusing on more environmental puzzles, etc, to increase the difficulty, not just making every monster kill you in one hit and making it nearly impossible to avoid being hit, or whatever. I love the idea of challenging games you actually have to work at to be, not like most games these days that basically play and win the game for you just so you can experience their lackluster story.

kaveti66162860d ago

Some developers concentrate on making their games more fun.

Others take a simpler approach. Up the HP on low level enemies and there you go.

jay22860d ago

Fantastic, day 1 inport!

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