Ar Tonelico Qoga : First English Trailer

The first english trailer of upcoming RPG : gameplay, release date and limited edition.

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CLOUD19832864d ago

Now this game looks like a true JRPG finally the first good release of 2011 for true JRPG fans, I recommend to re-watch the trailer with Japanese VO here the link:

I hear that u will have the option to play with the original Japanese VO and subs for the hard cores who believe that JRPG's must be played only with Japanese VO fck dubs.

Redempteur2864d ago

I really dislike aoto voice in this trailer. i'll play in japanese dub mode.

Neckbear2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I actually like Aoto's voice- the only voice I actually disliked in this trailer was Saki's one.

I mean, Cristina Vee's non-changing, high-pitched, completly annoying voice worked for Noel, worked for Louise, but doesn't quite do the trick for Saki.

Besides, her acting was quite...odd.


Honestly, I still fail to see your problem. I liked Aoto's voice, and how the actor actually puts some emotion in it. Same with Finnel's (I think) voice.

I don't find them annoying- I actually found that they fit the characters pretty well. Hell, I don't even recognize the voices aside from Saki's one.

So, yeah. But ah, whatever. Play the games your way, I play 'em mine. Not like there's actual "good" or "bad" in a debate 'bout dubs- just use what you find most enjoyable. Needless to say, for me, those are english ones.

Redempteur2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

oh the Cristina Vee debate ..
i hated almost everything in this trailers ( considering the voices ). my copy is preordered so i don't care .

it's not like i'm hardcore or something i just want to play my games with the proper dubs because FIRST let's face it ..not everyone has the budget to get good voice actors except the big studios .

SECOND it's always the same actors for these dubs and most of them don't even varies their performance to fit the characters.

It's all having the proper mood fitting what's happening on screen.

THIRD ar tonelico is focalised on the music , and the overall setting and feeling is improved when you have good dubs .. not just ok dubs.
i'll pick the version with the perfectly matched experience.

And to those wondering why don't i just play the japense version ... i'll answer : don't worry i have plenty of games ( rpgs or not ) 100% in japanese

Quickstrike2864d ago

I'm looking forward to Ar Tonelico, I loved the first two. However I'd like to add that one does not have to play the game with Japanese VO to be a hardcore JRPG fan.

maverick402864d ago

is this being released in europe?

Redempteur2864d ago

Yes , not sure about the date but this should come in europe as well . but don't expect any publicity about it

TheBatman_Fanatic2864d ago

I was debating on buying this game or not, but I think I am pretty much sold now. This will be my firts experience in the series and I am nervous about not liking it and wasting my money.

Da One2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Wait for your fellow gamers to give you some reviews, and make sure they are unbiased

I'm a sucker for GUST games, they make some really good stuff.

Magnus2864d ago

I feel like I am waiting for Xmas just to get my hands on this game even I just hope Gust and Banpresto release both PS2 games on Blu-Ray. Like Sony did with God of War I would buy a Ar Tonelico collection in a heart beat

Tex1172864d ago

With so many games coming out, I will probably wait till this gets a price cut.

But I haven't played a true up JRPG in awhile. This may be fun.

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