The Good and the Bad of the First-Person Genre (thegamerbuzz)

Welcome to the first installment of The Scale. This is a new weekly segment where I take something from the gaming industry and break it down into its positive and negative traits.

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ATiElite2779d ago

FPS are great because they have of way of immersing you more into the games atmosphere than any other format.

I think FPS/Rpg are the best because it provides the best of both worlds. Fast game play, great story and quest

adlt2779d ago

"For every Halo, there is a Killzone/Conduit, for every Call of Duty, there is a Medal of Honor/Battlefield"

Wait, is the author trying to state he think Killzone is a shitty Halo ripoff? Someone else clarify this for me.

Isis062779d ago

Call of Duty / Battlefield

evrfighter2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Lol that line alone shows the stupidity of the author. Call of duty is a medal of honor clone.

Halo is a starcraft clone. It started out as an rts even. I played reach and dont even remember the races. I just saw it as the protoss invading the terrans played in first person.