Rumor: Flamethrower in Crysis 2?

Most of you have probably seen your fair share of Crysis 2 screenshots so far and from what we've seen it all looks very exciting and intense. Crytek has been showing us loads of gameplay images in the past few weeks but today they've shown something quite interesting. One of the screenshots seems to be a shot of one mean looking flamethrower.

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Kon2864d ago

Invisibility+Flamethrower = Win

ATiElite2863d ago

Next Gen super high tech nanosuit but your weapon is a Flamethrower? are the gonna have a sling shot as well?

JK, Flamethrowers are always cool, love the animation of burning people.

Fishy Fingers2864d ago

Possibly, why not, but in that picture it looks more to do with the destruction (broken gas main or whatever) and to give the scene some nice lighting.

Still, I wouldnt say no to it.

LightofDarkness2864d ago

Yeah, looks more like an ignited gas-line than a flamethrower.

Goliath-NL2864d ago

True, although that could also be a way to not totally give it away that easily? And the pipe seems far too wide to be a gas-line in my opininon, though I'm not an expert :p

Styxoric2864d ago

That is definately not a flamethrower...


There was a weapon listed in the beta as an incinerator or something? so this must be it! IDK we will see although i cant wait for the game.