StrengthGamer: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

"Before I begin this review I'd like to let you, the reader, know one thing - trading in Gran Turismo 5 for Test Drive Unlimited 2 isn't as odd a choice as you may think."

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WutPleaze2535d ago

Really? That good? Wow - I am actually really surprised with these scores. May have to try this out.

GamerBaybe2535d ago

Picked it up day 1 and love it. Nice review.

norman292535d ago

After wanting this game for a while but then seeing recent screenshots and vids i just thank myself for the internet that it saved me wasting £40

RyanTaillon2535d ago

Yeah, I have over 40 hours already. Wow.

Brixxer6002535d ago

The game itself is very good , handling isn't as good as the original but the overall game is fantastic , just hope they get the PS3 servers up and running properly very soon.

Kon2535d ago

I only played it for 30 mins, but for what i've saw so far, the game is looking pretty good. My main concern is the lack of life in the game

RAmar1012535d ago

What's the handling like in comparison to gt5?

Kon2535d ago

That was a joke right? TDU2 handling is 100%arcade.

RyanTaillon2535d ago

Did you even read the review?

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