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The Helghast are no friendly folks, as we had already experienced in Killzone and its successors. Fortunately for the protagonists Sev Rico and the enemies are also divided among themselves.For this is the only chance for the heroes to survive on the planet Helghan. . Killzone 3 is certainly one of the best looking games on the PS3.Whether under the beautiful skin but also a shooter is to find content?

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The only problem I have with all these reviews is that most of them are about the SP.First of all the MP isnt even up and running for them to review.I cant see how most of these reviewers can score half a game.Read the reviews they have only seen whats in the MP.They havnt actually played the MP and playing the botzine doesnt count.The reviews shouldnt be able to be released until they have experienced the whole game.This is what dissapoints me about these reviews that are put out so early.Im sure when the week of the game is released your going to see properly full reviews.

Funky Town_TX2863d ago

I can't wait. The SP demo was very good. I never got into KZ2 but I'm pumped for KZ3.

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It's the best Killzone game I've played, but I still think it might get dull online after a few weeks.And I still hate Rico that miserable bastard. With Crysis 2 around the corner I am waiting to see what that looks like on PS3 before I decide what game to get. Killzone 3 has perfected what it does. But I still think it needs Battlefield style levels that you can blow up. As it is you get groups of people blocking entrances to objectives and it's a big cluser fuck of mayhem. I want to blow holes in the wall. Badly.

beavis4play2863d ago

i'm not really the person to comment on this as i don't play a lot of MP. however - i really like the operations mode of KZ3 beta and don't think it'll get old (of course - i LOVE zombie mode on treyarch games and some thinks that gets boring)

i also LOVE a "big cluster fuck of mayhem". i think that's when it gets fun!

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