Deus Ex Human Revolution vs. Bioshock Infinite

"Did you ever look at an evolutionary tree of life? The kinds of diagrams they show in biology class that show when different species diverged from each other and the paths they took. If you’ve ever seen one, you know that life can split off in amazingly divergent directions. Hippos and whales sharing a relatively recent common ancestor for example. Or a small group of African primates splitting into three directions giving the planet intelligent humans, barbarous apes, and amorous bonobos. Games are much the same way. A single game may inspire dozens of others that all go in their own direction." -Rwinterhalter, GameZone

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maniacmayhem2867d ago

Can't wait for these two titles to drop.
Deus Ex is looking like a real winner.

yog-sothot2867d ago

these are definitely two of my most wanted games !

But Bioshock Infinite is still at least a year away, and there are many great games coming in 2011, so right now, I'm more excited for DX:HR