Mercenaries 2 officially delayed

Pandemic boss Josh Resnick has said that Mercenaries 2 has been officially delayed until the first quarter of next year. Rumours of a slip have been flying ever since retailers forecast it earlier this month, although both publisher and developer have remained quiet until now.

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socomnick3982d ago

That sucks Was looking forward to this stupid ps3 always delaying games.

achira3982d ago

i bet this game is already ready on the ps3. it was delayed because they must programm the 360 version.

SmokeyMcBear3982d ago

yeah it comes on 2 discs for the 360

FordGTGuy3982d ago

Yea because they always delay Xbox 360 multi-platform games because of how hard it is to program.


AngryHippo3982d ago

Achira, i strongly disagree with your comment, judging by how multiplatform games are going so far.

Lumbo3982d ago

lets quote from the article, shall we: "And apparently that's that; there's no development problem with one platform, no last minute features to be added - just bug-swatting and elbow grease to go."

that should shut up the droids from both fancamps

FordGTGuy3982d ago

happy to hear when games go into the polishing/bug fixing stage because it usually means that they are on schedule.

Ares843982d ago

I think this will be better than GTA VI

FordGTGuy3982d ago

a bigger case of Apples and Oranges I don't know where.

BubblesDAVERAGE3982d ago

ps3 version has been in dev 4eva and the 360 version was a secret and was way behind in development and (pandemic) I believe love the ps3

DarkArcani3982d ago

Read the article, It's nether consoles fault! You are better off saying its the Wii's fault for it getting delayed. You would have gotten a lot further. Stop bashing two nice consoles.

peksi3981d ago

DarkArcani: they are droids, they do not read nor do they listen. They're programmed to be on their mind camps waving their fan flags.

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