What Went Wrong: Alan Wake

"Alan Wake was on the radar long before it even had a release date. Developer Remedy Games, riding the success of Max Payne 2, announced the title at E3 in 2005. The setup, a story-driven thriller about a writer who’s latest novel comes to life around him, while his missing wife is held for the ransom of this new novel, which he doesn’t even remember writing, is just about as high concept as they come. Details were fairly few and far between, though it was known that the game would be third-person (similar to Max Payne), and would feature a sandbox-style approach: the town of Bright Falls would be yours to explore." -Tom Dann, GameZone

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Loner2776d ago

It got raped by piracy

Grenadan2776d ago

over 1 million to be exact

ProGrasTiNation2776d ago

I was gonna buy an xbox just so i could play alan wake,,played it at a freinds house & thought it was epic...i just dont want an xbox for one game.
Release it it on PC please

crzyjackbauer2776d ago

MS didint promote it enough
and releasing the game on the same day as Red Dead Redemption didint help either

Inside_out2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

For those that may have missed it, it's easily one of the best gaming experience this gen, on any platform. It is true that it was one of the most pirated games on the 360, confirmed to have been downloaded 1.14 million times. Interesting, COD Black ops was downloaded 960,000 times. What was the most pirated game on 360???...well, shockingly it was Dante's Inferno at 1.5+ million downloads.

As for the AW was fantastic. the use of light and the way it was melted to the story was really well done...just watching a trailer is enough to let you know Remedy did a great job...

Building the thriller...

The game engine is top notch...

Some great vids are available to see the's a couple of my favorites...

Rusty game play...

Anderson farm...

Hopefully they will include a on-line co-op mode for the XBL hungry 360 fan base on the eventual 2012 release of AW 2...a blaring oversight on their part.

ComboBreaker2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

They can blame piracy, blame Microsoft for not marketing it enough, blame the media for hyping the game too much, etc, etc.


They could just make a better game.

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NYC_Gamer2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

can't expect everyone to like a game just because you do...and piracy is an excuse many titles have went on to sell millions despite being problem with Alan Wake is the gameplay its self.

KingME2776d ago

Dude, you don't know what the hell you are talking about. The gameplay in Alan Wake is just fine. As a matter of fact Alan Wake is an excellent game. There actually have been good games in the past that didn't sell well. It happens, accept it for Microsoft just as you would for Sony silly fanboy.

"my problem with Alan Wake is the gameplay its self." Right, obviously you don't even own Alan Wake let alone an xbox.

"and piracy is an excuse many titles have went on to sell millions despite being downloaded" Is piracy an excuse when it came to the PS3 being hacked. I mean, most people want it opened so they can use copied games.

Iamback2776d ago Show
NYC_Gamer2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


do you wanna add me to xbl?the will prove i own that console....its funny just because i'm not a fan of Alan Wake i can't own 360...

Edit:why get so defensive over other people opinions?very silly to doubt someone owns a platform just because they don't enjoy the same software as you.

douchedebater2776d ago

NYC is simply doing what he does best and that's troll 360 threads.

OSU_Gamer2776d ago

"do you wanna add me to xbl?that will prove i own that console....its funny just because i'm not a fan of Alan Wake i can't own 360..."

So you don't own Alan Wake...nice.

Pixel_Enemy2776d ago

I haven't beat Alan Wake yet but here's my thoughts on the game so far..

The graphics are nice (not the best I have seen), seems pretty polished as it should with 5 years of production. The story and plot are fantastic. I really love the theme and feel of the game. The game play is pretty cool too, the idea of using the flashlight / gun combo is interesting. The lighting is very impressive!

My only complaint is how the game play is so repetitive! Shine your flash light, shoot the bad guy. Power is out, find the generator. They need more variety.

Belasco2776d ago

I liked the game and completed it, but I have never felt compelled to play through again or get any DLC, so it was a good but not great game.

douchedebater2776d ago

@PixelEnemy - Excellent analogy, good game but the gameplay can be a bit repetitive.

kneon2776d ago

Does the dialog and narration improve after the first 20 minutes? I haven't played the game but I did watch the first 20 minutes and spent far too much time laughing at the comical dialog and narration, I'm sure that's not what the dev's intended and it really ruins the atmosphere they were going for.

I had been considering getting an XBox for this game but after watching it that just didn't seem worthwhile.

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MAJ0R2776d ago

being on PC definitely would have helped it a lot

NukaCola2776d ago

Don't kill me for this but this game screamed PS3. I would of seen it selling well on Playstation, just cause it had that adventure/thriller that is more popular on PS3.

Iamback2776d ago

on PS3, it would have sold close to 2 million, i am sure of it. Agree that it is screamed PS3

douchedebater2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


Alan Wake would have easily sold 2 million on the PS3 huh?
You mean like Heavy Rain, Demon Souls, MAG, Infamous, White Knight, Crack In Time, Mod Racers, Eye Pet, Pacific Rift, Heavenly Sword, MLB The Show, Folk Lore, Warhawk, Lair, Hot shots Golf, Eye of Judgement, Quest for Booty, and Many More the haven't gotten to 2 mil yet?

Like I have always said, you guys talk a bunch of shit, but you don't spend any money so why would you think Alan Wake would have done any better on the PS3.

Dude, just be quite and stop trolling.

Biggest2776d ago

First of all, the majority of those games are in no way similar to Alan Wake. Even the target demographic is way off. Why would anyone expect Hot Shots Golf and Eye Pet to sell as much as a more mature game? There aren't many 4-8 year olds with PS3 sized allowances. Heavy Rain has sold close to 2 million in its lifetime. There hasn't been an official announcement since the 1.5 million mark, but I'm sure it didn't just stop selling at that point. Where you got your sales numbers to begin with is a mystery to me. I bet you used VGChartz. That's strange because MAG and Warhawk are both downloadable titles. VGChartz can't make imaginary numbers from downloadable titles. They have certain games below 1 million sold, but those games are Greatest Hits according to Sony. In case you didn't know, that label means at least 1 million sold. It's fine that you don't believe Alan Wake would have sold 2 million on the PS3. But looking at the track record of the 360, it was a sure bet that Alan Wake wouldn't sell well. It didn't sell well. That sucks for them.

NukaCola2776d ago


You are being rediculous. And Alan Wake did't even hit a million man. It was downloaded 2 times that illegally. The 360 has plenty of games that never sold 2 million. What about Ninja Blade, or Samurai Bikini Blade, Kinectimals, Splinter Cell Conviction, Lost Odyssey, or Final Fantasy XIII?

Don't be a jackwagon buddy. There are only a few franchises that touch that on 360.

DSI2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

@Biggest (all you do is talk shit!)

Biggest what? Biggest Idiot? Biggest Fanboy?

All you did was make a bunch of damn excuses, he listed a bunch of games on the PS3 that didn't sell 2M yet, even if his source was Vgchartz, unless you have a site to dispute his what they hell are you talking about.

Every game you mentioned you spun some kind of BS excuse for why didn't sell 2M. The one dude made a claim the AW would have easily sold 2M on the PS3, you didn't dispute that now did you.

Heavenly sword, Demon Souls, and Infamous were heavily hyped games, and so was White Knight. It wouldn't be so hard to agree with guys like you sometimes if you weren't so damn immature and close minded. Douchedebater, made a good point and that point was to counter LAMEBACK's comment about AW selling 2M on the PS3 easily.

I agree with douchedebater, it's highly unlikely. Mass Effect 2 is a AAA title, let's see how high it goes on the PS3. You'll be lucky if it sells 2M.

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starchild2776d ago

There was nothing wrong with the game. It was one of the best games I played last year.

hennessey862776d ago

alan wake is on of my faviroute games this gen never mind last year. It is easily the best looking game on the 360. Everyone talked about the dark but the most impressive level graphically for me was the trailer park. It looked beautiful.

FACTUAL evidence2776d ago

I know what went wrong, it wasn't on the ps3. Pretty sure it would of sold 1 mill less than a week.

Solidus187-SCMilk2776d ago

I thought the story was interesting, and I enjoyed fighting for my life on the hardest mode. It looked great and had its own unique engine and better controls then RE 5(bad jumping tho).

It wasnt perfect but I hope they make AW 2.

InTheLab2776d ago

Alan Wake needs a backpack. I love the game to death but I wanted to punch Wake in the face everytime he lost his weapons, which happened ever other cutscene.

Also, they need to lay off the spoilers. I hated how the game zoomed out and showed you exactly where enemies were every battle. The game would actually be scary were it not for that.

Minor complaints though. Alan Wake was one of my favorites from last year. It's a shame more paying customers didnt pick it up and reward Remedy for making an awesome game.

DigitalAnalog2775d ago

Most of those who are waiting for Alan Wake were expecting an "Uncharted/Killzone 2" graphics killer. That abnormally high expectations of the game (in my opinion) is what fell short. The game was great but it should've been released years ago, that way it could easily compete with the other AAA exclusives at that time.

-End of Line

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Pillville2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I've said it before (and been attacked), the gameplay is too repetitive. About 5 different enemies and you kill them all the same way "Duck-Light-Shoot". If you take away the cut scenes, you're almost always walking in a straight line in a dark woods.

I liked the story enough that I played all the way through and played both DLCs, but was completely annoyed by the gameplay by the end.

starchild2776d ago

Yeah right. I was never bored at any moment in the game. It is no more repetitive than any other big game I have played. And no, you don't go in a straight line through the woods. Are you sure you even played this game?

BlackKnight2776d ago

What about a shooter? Cover, peek, shoot, repeat.

There are other games with few enemy types. Killzone, COD, UC while games like MGS4, Halo and gears have quite an array of baddies.

Aarix2776d ago

I thought that but i Up'd the difficulty and it was a non stop challenge I loved the story and I loved the characters.

Pillville2776d ago

"you don't go in a straight line through the woods. Are you sure you even played this game?"

Yep, I played it. Both DLCs too.
There are 6 episodes in the main game, all MOSTLY involve walking through the woods.

Here are screen shots from each chapter.







BlackKnight2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Why didn't you show any shots when it was daytime?

Oh yea, you are cherry picking, my bad, continue.

Pillville2776d ago

because there's no GAMEPLAY during the day time.

BlackKnight2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


LOL just because you aren't shooting enemies means there is no gameplay? Dialogue and picking up items isn't game play?

Guess Heavy Rain isn't a game by your definition.

There is more to gameplay than just shooting enemies...

Pillville2776d ago

Ok fine. I should have said COMBAT not GAMEPLAY. The entire game itself is great. That's why I bought it and why I spent more money on the DLC. But the COMBAT is repetitive.

Heavy Raid doesn't have COMBAT. It's a QTE-Choose-Your-Own-Adventure- Hey-Look-Theres-Boobies game.

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MariaHelFutura2776d ago

The game is awesome. It feels more like a Japanese game than a Western game. I love it.

alphakennybody2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I disagree.if it was more like a japanese,it would have at the very least have a bigger variety and more creative enemy design(old silent hill/siren). I'm sorry but this is as western as it gets, dull and very repetitive.

MariaHelFutura2776d ago

I meant more the feel than the execution.

VenomProject2776d ago

The entire game screams "Stephen King."

Stealth20k2776d ago

nothing went wrong. it was a solid game

josh143992776d ago

the game was ok but it was very repetitive and got boring very quickly. The only reason i completed it was because i wanted to know how the story ended.

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