Five Fingers of Death: The Lost BioWare Game?

You were this close to playing a kung fu riff on Baldur's Gate.

Speaking at DICE last night, BioWare's Dr. Greg Zeschuk revealed that many, many years ago, he created Five Fingers of Death, an adventure that combined the successful Baldur's Gate formula with a love for kung fu movies. In fact, those movies were going to play a pivotal part in Five Fingers, as cutscenes to punctuate the action and advance what sounded like a rather unserious narrative. Apparently, Zeschuk himself edited old footage in Premiere and provided a good number of the voice overs.

Sounds crazy, right? Too bad Bioware's then-publisher didn't quite see it that way.

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ATiElite2864d ago

Isn't this the same idea as Jade empire?