This Is Why Killzone 3 Is a Graphical Beast

GamingBolt writes: "We are playing Killzone 3 and we are glad to report it is a graphical beast. In order to prove this we have screens from Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. We have 5 screens from various angles.
Lets get started. And before I forget, please check back with us this Monday for a video review of Killzone 3."

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cyborg2861d ago

I've seen yet and Killzone 3 is miles ahead in everything when pitted against its predecessor.

BlackKnight2861d ago

Best comparison? Do you even own Killzone 2? The last picture is from the opening CGI video. It's not even done in-engine...

That's a bad comparison.

First shot is a good comparison, and the second is a good comparison of ADS. But the third and fourth comparisons suck. Third one is a KZ2 fire fight in a staircase while KZ3 is a fucking vista shot.

Same thing for the fourth pic, KZ2 is a fucking corridor and KZ3 is another vista shot. Only thing that is similar is that they aren't ADS'ing.

This is worse than some of the German sites' articles.

gameseveryday2861d ago

the article states that. It has been purposely compared to CG. Its just that you never read what was written.

BlackKnight2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

@Rashid Sayed

I did read that and I think it's stupid to compare. The reason he thinks it "trumps" it is because the in game model has more "wrinkles" from normal mapping. That doesn't make is more impressive, that's just an art decision. It's not even the same character!

I bet he can't even tell the CGI shot has sub-surface scattering (light glowing through skin and scattering, like a hand against a flashlight) and the KZ3 shot obviously doesn't do that.

Fat Bastard2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Ya I don't like this comparison at all. Killzone 2 looked much better than those screens, some of them make it like kinda shitty. I'm not bashing KZ3, cause I think it looks fantastic, but KZ2 looks a lot better than this site is making it seem. And I really don't care if KZ3 looks better than KZ2, since I still think KZ2 is at least still in the top 10 best looking games out right now, maybe even still top 5 under Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and what not

Theonetheonly2861d ago

they both look good, but which is wich i cant seem to tell which is on top and which is on bottom?

some look better in some and some look better in the other.

one question the article is titled "WHY" it is a graphical beast, i heard no whys. i just saw that is was one, there was ne explanation as to why one is a graphical Beast, wht about it says that the graphics in kz3 are harder to render than the graphics of kz2.

ambient occlusion Motion blur bloom and DOF are the only enhancements i see on either, the only thing is they are present on both. one just seems like the visual presentation has been tweaked to look brighter and less blurry.

Sarcasm2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I think Killzone 3 looks better compared to KZ2 overall based on my playthrough with the open beta.

1. More colors
2. No longer uses Quincunx AA and uses MLAA, textures and everything look much more clearer
3. More special effects (especially the water waves)
4. *Better latency* (Not necessarily a visual graphical effect, but on a technical level it is)
5. Better character models
6. Better gun models
7. Crazier and more detailed environments
8. Huge environment, no limited corridors
9. Frame rate is locked with no screen tearing

I'm such a huge PC gamer now, but Killzone 3 is a technical feat. for consoles and is one of the few games I'm looking forward to this year.

Redman222861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

an example of KZ3 uniform textures

original source file higher rez.

shitty youtube quality

(recored with hauppauge hd pvr/eyetv software over component connect. not the best hardware but you get the idea. obviously the game will look even better with HDMI hookup).

RyuCloudStrife2861d ago

you got owned by ma man Rashid Sayed


Rumor2861d ago

all i needed to see was the sev one 'O_____O'

Ju2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

@Redman, wow, those are some impressive character models. The youtube video is just fine if you watch 720 with pop out (1:1 pixles).

Oh, ya, btw. Jaggies, No AA. What now? LOL look at how smooth that shit looks. Forget 2xMSAA...that's so far beyond its not even funny.

starchild2861d ago

Ju, the game looks great, but I can tell you that the aliasing isn't nearly as noticeable in poor quality internet videos as it is when you play the game.

Before I played the game I watched a lot of videos and I thought the anti-aliasing was pretty good. But when I played it I was shocked to see all the jaggies. The aliasing is honestly worse than it is in Killzone 2.

Ju2861d ago

Maybe you want to play with your TV settings and reduce the contrast ration by a notch. That might help. The best AA is useless when you turn that up like crazy or your TV cuts of the color palette (HDMI mode settings). The video is what you get. If that looks different on your TV then check your settings. Mine does not have jaggies.

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tacosRcool2861d ago

Played the open beta and I will say the graphics are a step ahead of Killzone 2, which I was just playing like an hour ago

trounbyfire2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

KZ3 is truly stunning and i want the story so bad. ps nation said in describing the KZ3 ending " Is there anything bigger than epic" can't wait its killing me

divideby02861d ago

playing the MP beta...
the graphics are great, I have no slow down or lag at all, even when the screens are filled, BUT we do have a 10M/5M cable connection.
I so much want to play the SP camp. and see if the reviews dissing it were right or not

divideby02861d ago

DA... upgrade to a fast cable line and you will play like I do... or just stay on DSL and lag (sadly some of my friends cant get cable or FIOS and when I play at their homes, I most def. see a difference)

paintsville2861d ago

They look identicle except that KZ3 has more color. But hey...more color+Playstation Magazine+push by Sony = perfect 10.

Kon2861d ago

Off Topic -Hey gamingbolt, why you don't put all pictures in one page? Nobody likes to open a new page to see all pictures

On Topic - Well, i'm impressed by the graphical leap. I didn't believed they could achieve any better with an outdated hardware.

jidery2861d ago

They do it to generate more ad hits, making them more money.

insomnium22861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Well I guess this is the time for you to watch and maby learn to keep your mouth shut about "outdated harware" then.

Kon2861d ago

If a 5 year old hardware isn't outdated i don't know what it is. All consoles have outdated hardwares.

insomnium22861d ago

Traditional hw might be outdated but CELL is not traditional by any means.

Motorola2861d ago

@Kon Blu Ray isnt outdated....A Hard drive isnt outdated.

NukaCola2861d ago

The Cell Tech came from the future so it won't be outdated until

But in seriousness, this looks gorgeous. I can't wait to play the final build of the final product....finally!

Lawliet2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Lol how can you judge the PS3 by date? This beast is and has always claim to be a machine built for the future gaming. No one believe it, yet after 5years and for years to come, it still setting on a new benchmark.

PlayStation make Believe!

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wenaldy2861d ago

One word.. Ads!!!!

And I can't wait for KZ3!!!

Off Topic: Kudos for all brothers from Egypt.. Hope things get better..