Rumour: Stranglehold PS3 Pushed Back Even Further

According to EBGames (and other retailers), Midway has once again delayed the PS3 edition of their third-person action game Stranglehold, which is already out on both PC and X360 platforms.

So, once again, PS3 users have to wait a little while longer.

The PS3 port of Stranglehold was previously planned to come out this week, but is now hitting stores on Oct. 29.

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toughNAME4014d ago

is a pretty common thing.

But now..the delays are being delayed?

Evil0Angel4014d ago

we will se the delays which already been delayed get delayed or canned

Jeremy Gerard4014d ago

This kind of stuff really makes you wonder why anyone would buy a PS3 right now, it also makes me really question the future of that console, what ever the trouble is with PS3 developing, i dont think devs will put up with it much longer with such a tiny installed base. Also, i think gaming journalist should be warning potential PS3 buyers of this situation, many casual buyers still think Sony is the always safe bet they used to be in gaming, things have changed, they are not.

hazeblaze4014d ago

A delay of Stranglehold is hardly newsworthy anyway. Plus, the PS3 is getting the only version worth getting... Hardboiled in HD, awesome... even worth playing through a mediocre game to continue the story after watching.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4014d ago

All the other 3rd party games are still coming to PS3 on time.

But in the form of Stranglehold. What a bomb, it wouldn't mind if this game just gets canned for PS3. I've lost all interest anyway. Reviews were bad and it wasn't well recieved.

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THC CELL4014d ago

its not a port.

and it looks better on ps3 if so

Evil0Angel4014d ago

i think by now,everyone with mind relaize why GTA4 was delayed.

HowarthsNJ4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

But in any case...this game has fallen off the radar for many gamers at this point.

Even Hard Boiled in HD is not worth it. Too much to do, so little time (and money).

The rest of this year and on through spring we'll be busy with far better games.

I'd grab it at a massive discount, but other than that it will have to wait.

AliC4014d ago

It's delayed as its a shallow shallow game.

RadientFlux4014d ago

Since Stranglehold is a UE3 game maybe the delay has something to do with Epic optimizing the UE3 engine for the PS3.

nobizlikesnowbiz4014d ago

Awww how sad. More delays.

Maybe it's Karma for all the haters spreading fud.

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The story is too old to be commented.