Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Best or Most Disappointing Game of 2011

Jacob Siegal writes, "After the success of ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Fallout 3,’ Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most anticipated games of 2011 – but here’s a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks Bethesda can do no wrong."

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Otheros002865d ago

At title: What?? We only know 10 things about the game and your calling it disappointing? Best I can understand but disappointing I can't understand.

zootang2865d ago

I'm going to be pissed if it launches with the same amount of bugs and glitches fallout 3 and fallout: NV had.

palaeomerus2865d ago

I want a bow-dupe glitch so I can fill a house up with helmets and make the game slow WAAAAYYY DOOOOWWWNNNN.

RankFTW2865d ago

It's Bethesda so it's going to be awesome.

RedDead2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

""""Oblivi on is not an RPG. It is an action game with a few minor RPG elements"""& ;quo t;""

Alright I can understand what you mean, the reason it felt like this was the level scaling. They're was no point in leveling up. Easy as that, don't worry about it, they learned alot from Oblvion on that area and Fallout 3. Don't expect it to be shi*ty like that again. Second the generic landscapes of Oblivion. Some where GENERATED by the engine. It is as generic as it can possibly get. Seriously.

Now again, Bethesda keep telling us how unique each area is in Skyrim and how they're focusing on trying to have an amazing sight in each area. They're hand crafting everything again just like they did with Morrowind. We have Mountains again unlike Oblivion which was just one giant flat land except for the north.

Thirdly, Oblivion wasn't handled that well in TES4. It was a simple generic evil landscape. Lava, volcanic land etc. This was a Mistake, Oblivion looks like whatever the deadric prince wants it to look like, the Shivering ilses Expansion was also actually Oblivion. The generic dungeons of TES4 are gone for Dragons this time around, and by the sounds of it, the dragons are done very well, Swooping around the place and have a language to themselves(which the player can use for Dragontounge spells :P)

Fifth, All the Elder scrolls games have been building up to this one. The Actual elder scrolls fortell of these four things before finally the Dragons return. There will also be Civil war going on an it may be a bit more mature again like Morrowind(slavery, racism etc).

Just don't write it off if you didn't like TES4, Bethesda have proven themselves before with Daggerfall and Morrowind. Oblivion suffered from what I call RPG syndrome. Final Fantasy has also suffered from it recently, but it looks Versus Xiii may bring it back up to it's old self as a good game. Oblivion is the worst ES to come from Todd howard imo. And it was still a good game at that. TES5 is there third game this gen that they even made a new engine for. Get hyped up for it if you like, or don't. but just reserve judgement until we get more info or atleast see some gameplay.

DanSolo2865d ago

Here's a novel idea.... wait for the game to come out... play it.... and reserve judgement for then!

guitarded772865d ago

That would be too rational...

Spydiggity2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

cuz the gaming community is so rational.

90% of the fanboys on n4g have already decided what GoTY 2011 is.

MysticStrummer2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

The Elder Scrolls games are most definitely RPGs in the purest sense of the term, and Oblivion was no exception. No other RPG series brings out my inner D&D nerd like The Elder Scrolls does. They are true RPGs, unlike games such as FF#, because you can choose what to do within the world, including ignoring the main quest if you so desire. I'm doing that very thing with Oblivion right now to tide me over until Skyrim. I'm doing all the things I never did with my main character, and the game is awesome even without the drama of the main story. Skyrim will be incredible, I have no doubt.

Kon2865d ago

Let the game release first.

renegade2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Not even the game is not out yet but there's not any gameplay videos any hands on previews just few screens nothing yet to judge the game for now, poor way to bash this game.

Darkfiber2865d ago

How is he bashing the game? He said:

"I am thrilled for a new entry into the Elder Scrolls series."


"If Bethesda continues with their steady stream of fan-service, affirming information up until release, they could finally restore my faith in their ability to balance sales figures and crowd pleasing with rewarding those of us who prefer the old-school RPG."

Did you even read the article?

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