Yakuza 2 heading to US

SEGA has confirmed that Yakuza 2 will make its Western debut in the US next year. However, there's still no news of a possible European release.

The news came as the third game in the series was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. Unlike the previous two, this one will be set in the past - 400 years ago, to be precise, when Japan was all feudal.

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SonySoldiers4014d ago

Japanese games are 1000% more fun than any cowboy's games.

Darkiewonder4014d ago

We can say the third installment will follow eventually?

skillednutter4014d ago

....I finsihed the UK Pal Release last November and have been waiting for this game ever since, will play nicely on my US PS3

Ares844014d ago

Just love every game set in feudal Japan!! Can't wait for Yakuza 3

DaEnforcer4014d ago

That's all I wanted, great news.