These 10 gaming consoles failed miserably

Not every console, like the Xbox 360, is a top seller. A lot of gaming consoles failed miserably. lists up ten of the biggest fails.

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joeorc2860d ago

so selling more than 60+ million is a flop?

Ok I can see how they put the PSP Go in there but guess what, the PSPGo is still a PSP..Its still the same type of system that still plays PSP games. an it's still on the market an is still selling...unlike the other unit's in that group.

Opinion noted..but i do not agree with it. carry on though that was entertaining.

xer02860d ago

That's what I thought.
Some people just aren't educated enough to run a blog.

Persistantthug2860d ago

But make no mistake, while it was a good system while it was alive, it died way too quickly, therefore it was a flop.

xAlmostPro2860d ago

I still think the dreamcast died so fast because it was ahead of its time.

Giant_Chibi2860d ago

Yeah, it's pretty unfair that they mention the psp go.
If they're going to include that, then they might as well add the gameboy micro to the list. Both of those handhelds were pretty much in the same situation. Albeit, they both come from a line of handheld systems that are successful overall. It's just that these particular versions were flops.

joeorc2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I mean define Flop?

the dreamcast sold over 10.6 million world Wide

I mean the Atari 2600 one of the best systems for it's time sold: 30 million


In 2009, IGN named the ColecoVision their 12th best video game console out of their list of 25.

The ColecoVision was officially discontinued by October sales of the ColecoVision are not really known most likely in excess of 2 million units.

here is the list of games

so let me get this straight a system is a Flop if it does not sale more than ______? How many world wide.

I think people's perception what is or is not a Flop is pretty funny.

if the system ever makes a profit how could it ever be a FLOP?

Dsnyder2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Dreamcast was a terrible console. Anyone who invested in it got screwed pretty hard when it died so quickly due in part to a lack of any good games but mostly due to the ugliness of the console itself. I dont see how anyone can even use the blocky mess they called a controller. Sega fanboys need to just give it up and realize how bad that console really was. PS2 didnt kill it, it killed itself,

anti_lifesaver2860d ago

you know that xbox stole dreamcasts whole controller design right? and it is considered the best controller on the market

Highlife2860d ago

I bought a 3DO. You can call that a flop. It had a couple of good games. Need for Speed, Road Rash and Gex. Playstation just killed it.

xAlmostPro2860d ago

@Dsnyder your mad dude.. it wasn't a terrible console and it had great games. Fact is it was ahead of it's time and released at a bad timescale also.

I mean like @anti said the controller was practically where the xbox controller has came from.

It had internet features, games you could save to a playable memory card and even play on the go via a mini-game type thing for some games.

as for games it had shenmue, enough said.

If anything the dreamcast was too good for it's time.

kenjix2860d ago

360 sold less than the PSP add it to the list :)

Rush2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

What about the PS3 or doesn't fantard logic work both ways?

user8586212860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I think he was so excited to type that comment that he forgot to use common sense

kenjix2860d ago

I bring up the 360 since the actual number can be cut in half since at least 50% of the 360s out there are replacements. :) Feel better now ;p

Kon2860d ago

No Bad comments about the PS3 here, the mods will have to ban you, sorry.

sich922860d ago

PS2 sold more than everything sony wins end of story

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fr3d02860d ago

Not every console, like the Xbox 360, is losing ground fast, and will be in third place by the end of the year, with a year head start on the competition.

Sarcasm2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Correction, it's 1.5 years head start in EU.

lonix2860d ago

no mention of xbox 1?

user8586212860d ago

in that case add gamecube to the list since it did worse then the xbox...

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