Game Informer - DICE Interview: Building Battlefield 3

GI: On our recent trip to Sweden, we sat down and talked to DICE's General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson, about the company's approach to creating the long-awaited sequel to Battlefield 2. A lot has happened over the last six years, and in the first video Karl-Magnus explains what the company has been up to and why 2011 is the perfect time to release Battlefield 3.

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snaileri2811d ago

"PC is the main platform for BF3."
Nice :)

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x8002811d ago

NO words but woohooo!

Terarmzar2811d ago

As long as this game works correctly on Consoles i will be happy. I liked bad company 2, and the only thing i did not like about it was playing the same map twice from just a different side. So i believe this game will be just fine on consoles as well.

bumnut2811d ago

If i click the link my pc freezes :(

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