The WB Helps Reinvigorate Japanese Gaming

Hollywood's finest tries to jump-start an industry with a few new ideas this year, but industry vets think Japan's malnourished industry is thanks to a couple of corporate flaws...

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ItsEvan2837d ago

Thank god that there are still dev's that are dedicated to the consumer, and not the cash.

Murgatroyd72837d ago

I totally agree with Masahiro Sakurai; people are depending way too much on old franchises instead of trying new ones. Sure, there are some great new IPs, but all of the big titles lately are sequels or remakes. Developers need to take a break for a few months and do some serious brainstorming. In the meantime, I can finally catch up on some games I've missed.

RememberThe3572836d ago

Western developers agree

And Sony's been saying it all along...


ShinFuYux2837d ago

The Asian market is taking a dramatic change, we had ours already in the past 5 years.

Stealth20k2836d ago

the japanese industry is doing just fine without commments from the peanut gallery

kvg882836d ago

I find that out of Japanese developers, SEGA has been making a strong come back with new franchises like Valkyria Chronicles and the games they've made with Platinum Games.

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