Halo 3: Opening the Legendary Box

Despite rumors to the contrary, it's rare that IGN receives anything cool at their office. But on a quiet Friday, with half the office in Japan and the other half drunk from the company's mandatory "Beer Bong Friday," a giant box was delivered. Inside this box was a duffle bag big enough to hold two Joe Pescis. The olive green duffle bag was branded with the Halo insignia. Inside was a Halo fans dream prize.

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Venom_Blood4099d ago

How many times we need to see people open halo3?

FordGTGuy4099d ago

until I get to.

BTW this has a video so its atleast more worthy of news.

Venom_Blood4099d ago

so you are saying if I get a bag of halo3 I should make my video and submited here? Is news worthy right?

FordGTGuy4099d ago

no one cares about you.

Vip3r4099d ago

How much does all that cost?

FordGTGuy4099d ago

Halo 3 Xbox 360 400
Halo 3 Legendary 130
Halo 3 Controller Human 50
Halo 3 Controller Covenant 50
Halo 3 Wireless Mic 60


not including all the other goodies they received including the duffel bag itself.

Legionaire20054099d ago

Plus taxes also so that is alot of money.

N4GayFanturds4099d ago

DORKS get all the free goodies. That way, they can use their money to pay to have girls.

crck4099d ago

Some companies have no shame and some people have too much money.

FordGTGuy4099d ago

You also get an extra DVD filled with goodies including exclusive RvB content and so on.

Vavoom4099d ago

The helmet is a collectors item, some people really enjoy things like that. As for some people having no shame, I agree, they dude's jokes were hideous. Glad he became a journalist instead of a comedian, otherwise he would be one hungry cat.

I thought the helmet look cool! Over, a very nice bag of goodies. I wonder what was in the media kit.

Marceles4099d ago

The DVD extras are a waste...everyone will be too busy playing the game to watch them. I bet no one would notice if it was only a blank DVD that said "HALO EXTRAS" on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.