Super Easy Mode: Total War Shogun 2 Intro Trailer

Going all the way back to the beginning of The Creative Assembly’s list of titles, they have finally come back to the game that started it all, Total War: Shogun. If you’re familiar at all with PC gaming, then you most likely have had a run in with the Total War series. If not, think of the city building strategy of a Civilization mixed with the ability to manually maneuver army-on-army tactical level offenses, and there’s your Total War series.

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eccothedolphin72655d ago

This game is shaping up to be great. Hopefully it meets up to expectations.

maxcavsm2655d ago

God damnit, this looks amazing. Series has come a hell of a long way in a decade!

PureDarkness2655d ago

This has peaked my interests...

AmigoSniped2655d ago

I am now really interested in this. Cant wait to see more.