Dark Souls: Can it topple Skyrim?

As more Dark Souls news filters in, we reckon it's shaping up to be a Skyrim beater. Here's why. | Raiding Party

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RedDead2535d ago

Honestly, it all depends on Bethesda, are they giving us the best elder scrolls to date? If they are then I doubt there are alot of games that could beat it.

ATiElite2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

2011 is the year of the RPG and no one RPG is gonna take all as too many heavy hitters are coming out.

The Witcher 2
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Kingdoms of Amular:Reckoning
Dragon Age 2
Diablo 3
Two Worlds II
Demon Souls
Torchlite 2
Dungeon Siege III
plus all the MMO/RPG leads to one hell of a year.

RedDead2534d ago

Going by past ES games, I would put Skyrim on top as my most anticipated Rpg...just my pref.

Nitrowolf22534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I know, gonna be a good year for RPG lovers


i see both games being different. Demon Soul had a story but it wasn't much intense and more of a straight and go out kind of thing, whereas this game will have choices and such and be open world. The best part i likes about demon soul was the 3rd boss in valley of defilement

such an awesome boss, and this was one that made me feel as if there was a strong story.

I'm not saying demon soul didn't have a story, it's just not something i payed much attention to, more of just that addiction of wanting to move to the next boss.

This boss just had great music playing and the dialog going on just made it feel right.

So if dark Soul is anything like demon soul, it won't be heavy on choices you make (although you could influence both dark and light tendacy)

evrfighter2534d ago

Bethesda's bug ridden releases are to be expected. However The amount of content and level of detail provided in an open world rpg is second to none.

dragunrising2534d ago

I know everyone doesn't care about sales versus the quality of game, however Skyrim will sell much more. The Elder Scrolls IP is a gold mine and judging from the success of Oblivion, Skyrim can only do better with all the improvements being made.

My most anticipated rpgs for 2011:

Dragon Age 2
Dark Souls
Demon Souls (playthroughs 2 and 3)
Torchlite 1 (console version)

I am hoping that Torchlight 2, Diablo 3 and The Witcher 2 all find a release on consoles at some point. Otherwise I'll wait till I buy or build a new PC to play them. Good time to be an rpg gamer :-)

RedPawn2535d ago

Two rpg's at different degree's, Dark Souls releases next year.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2534d ago

It releases this year actually.... and I can't wait.

RedPawn2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

What's the date? I so glad I was wrong.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2534d ago

dunno... they just said winter 2011.

RedPawn2534d ago

I honestly think it will get pushed to 2012, because of the line-up of major titles around that time.

That's unless they don't care, and bank on how underground critically acclaimed DS did. Doesn't matter cause it's a day one.

Tex1172532d ago

Its Namco's call.

For those of us who love Demon's Souls...I don't care if every great game in all of 2011 came out on the same day as Dark Souls, its my number 1 purchase.

(That really is saying alot...2011 really is the year of the RPG).

anasurimbor2534d ago

Skyrim may come on top sales wise (but I think Dark Souls has a solid chance), but this game is just going to be a one of a kind masterpiece.

Dark Souls releases in 2011, worldwide.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2534d ago

Although Demon Souls stands up well to some of the best rpgs around (Demons Souls > Dragon Age Origins) however, Elder Scrolls is another level of content that is difficult to compete with especially considering the probable budgets of the two games. Theres no doubt that Dark Souls will be awesome but if Skyrim is even moderately what it shapes out to be when its released, I don't think there are alot of games let alone rpgs that can trump it. Then again, the two games are vastly different experiences and both MUST be played.

KonohagakureFC2534d ago

Yeah I dont think those 2 can be compared, theyre both rpgs but theyre not really the same

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