Final Fantasy I & II Announced for PlayStation Network; Discount Offered to Square Enix Fans

Square Enix Ltd. has today announced that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be available to download from PlayStation Network (PSN) from 16th February and 2nd March respectively, priced £7.99. Discover the origins of the biggest RPG series in the world as Square Enix and Sony prepare to release the first two instalments for PlayStation Network.

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Troll-without-Bridge2865d ago

Omg Square enix you suck, how dare you give us discounts on awesome games!


knifefight2865d ago

Same thing is going to happen with all of their currently non-downloadable PSP games. They want you to buy 'em twice. =/

DragonKnight2865d ago

Or in the case of FF1 and 2 like the 5th time or something.

Let's see, there's the original NES version, the GBA version, I thought there was a PSP version but I can't find it so maybe this is the 3rd time.

INehalemEXI2865d ago

Yeah, there was psp versions too.

Larry L2865d ago

This IS the PSP versions. I don't think these are PS3 versions. The one you are missing is the PS1 version of FF1 in FF Origins.

It's about time Square releases these on PSN, and I LOVE the price. I was expecting $20, $10 is great. I bought FF1 for my old PSP the day it came out. It's great. Now I have a Go and this is the only game I had that I really wanted to rebuy for my Go that hadn't already been put on the store.......well....actually there's one other, Mega Man Powered Up, but now the the Japanese PS1 versions of Mega Man 1&2 were put on the PSN Store, so I have those on my PSP Go, so I don't really miss Powered Up anymore.

Crisis Core is hopefully next, then Kingdom Hearts.

knifefight2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Right but when I say "twice" I'm talking specifically about PSP versions. ^^;

Currently Third Birthday is also going to not be downloadable, but in a year or so, you can bet it will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.