Killzone 3 - New Multiplayer Map video: MAWLR Graveyard

Today we are posting another video playthrough of an as-yet-unrevealed Killzone 3 multiplayer map: MP7 MAWLR Graveyard. In this video you will also get to see the Field Medic in action.

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DoomeDx2781d ago

What? He got 25 points for an Assist Melee?
How is that possible? Melee is a one hit kill.

Maybe they changed that since the open beta? Considering there is a Day One patch coming

Xwow20082780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Iam playing in the open beta and i got assist melee once.
i hit the target with melee(not brutal melee but with the weapon)and my team mate hit the target at the same time with bullet...what happened is that his hit registered as the main kill and me as the assist melee.

LOGICWINS2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Question: What determines if you perform a regular melee or a brutal melee?

It seems random to me.

@wesley-dw- Yeah, that makes sense. Now that I think of it, range does play factor. Everytime I wasn't hugging the enemy I did a regular melee.

DoomeDx2780d ago

weapon melee = 1 hit kill too.


Range. If you are pretty much hugging the enemy, you brutal-melee him.

If you are quite far, but still in melee range, its a weapon-melee

NukaCola2780d ago

I killed a guy one time where another player melee'd him at the same time, so I kicked him and the other guy stabbed him in the face. I got a melee assist for that. I couldn't be pissed because it was really cool looking. I was going to due neck slit but it had me kick the guy away instead cause the other teammate was meleeing at the same time. So he stole my kill, but wut-ev, it was cool. try it sometime, have two dudes melee a guy at the same time, I think it might be a legit thing.

geth1gh2780d ago

@ logicwins

i though holding in the analog stick when close enough will do a brutal melee, and clicking it fast will just make you swing.

could be wrong but has worked for me so far.

dontbhatin2780d ago

Weapon melee takes 2 hits.

brutal melee is 1 hit.

thats how it is now on killzone 3. end of story

Pixelated_Army2780d ago

Amazing job GG! hahaha oh man that map looks awesome!

jidery2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

You guys are all wrong, both mele kill in 1 hit.

Brutal mele is for when your enemy is at high health, so brutal mele engages taking longer to kill him. It gives his team a chance to save him.

When the enemy is at low health you get the faster regular mele. This kills him instantly.

TheLastGuardian2780d ago

I've gotten almost 500 melee kills in the beta so far so I can assure you that what Wesley-dw said is correct.

If your not right up on the enemy but still close enough to melee you will hit him with your gun. If you are right up on him you perform a brutal melee. Weapon melees are always one hit kills.

VonBraunschweigg2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I'm sure it has to do with range, come real close and it's a brutal melee, and I think you'll have to walk, not run. But it's damn cool when a teammember rescues you from a brutal melee, I remember going YOU GODDAMN BASwell thank you right there brother:) Never scored an assist though, that's new for me.

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Dogs_PinoyPOOD2780d ago

some other guy was doing a brutal melee on the enemy first n he melee him too that's why he only got the assist

visualb2780d ago

if you smack a guy while he's getting shot or melee'd

i've gotten it before.

talltony2781d ago

This game just looks so damn awesome. I am completely blown away by this game. This mp just looks fun as hell.

Xwow20082780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

yup apart from some issues they need to address it like the low health, the game is freaking awesome and will set a par for multi player fps games.

DanSolo2780d ago

What do you mean by "low health", do you mean you want it to take more bullets to kill?

I personally think they have a good balance, I don't like FPS's where it takes half a clip to put someone down, but at the same time when you are shooting at some dude who looks like a Helghan then you expect a few bullets to drop them.

I hope they don't change it to give people more health as that would change the whole feel of the combat and make it more fake feeling.

Xwow20082780d ago

"hope they don't change it to give people more health as that would change the whole feel of the combat and make it more fake feeling"

They need to increase the health buy by a small amount because in k3 the aim is lot easier than kz2, sometimes i can kill 3-4 players with just 1 clip because the aim is easy and they die fast.

if they raise the health alot then yh it will change the game alot and will make melee attacks op.

nikrel2780d ago

From my playtime with the Open Beta, the 3shot assault rifle that medics get is kinda underpowered. Where as the LMG is pretty powerful.

dontbhatin2780d ago

yeah but after the first 3 shots that LMG is hella inaccurate. its quite annoying at times.

trounbyfire2780d ago

its called burst fire and medic is a support class along with engy and marks and infil

they have guns to be on the front lines but they are support

TACs are more front lines classes

DanSolo2780d ago

I have to say I am Lovin' the multiplayer beta at the moment, it just feels so much better that Killzone 2 did.

vmanj2780d ago

this game is amazing I traded my xbox360 for a ps3 just for this game....

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