Killzone 3 Open Beta Impressions/Walkthrough

Quick walkthrough and impressions of the Killzone 3 Open Multiplayer Beta for PlayStation 3.

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GamerSciz2864d ago

A bit of good information in a nutshell. However small minor mistake is there are 5 classes not 4. Larger mistake is that in KZ3 the Tactician class "CANNOT" create spawn points as they did in KZ2. They can capture static "Tactical Spawn Areas" but everyone knows where they are so spawn camping is an issue with that. The other large thing that was taken away was spawning on your squad leader.

TBM2864d ago

My brother is a manager at one of the Gamestops here in NYC And I got first hand gameplay time with it. This game is beautiful and the gameplay is smooth.

I can't wait till release day.

brew2864d ago

The shotgun seems fine. If you happen to miss in a direct conflict you're basically screwed which balances out the power and it only has so much range. I used it for a little while , then went back to the rifle to spray and pray !

I would like for them to bring back the squads and the ability to respawn on your squad leader. Other than that small gripe , the beta is a lot of fun.

GamerSciz2864d ago

Yes, to take away the spawn grenades is fine as it turned out to be a cluterf*ck of people swarming to it like bees. But to take away the strategical spawning on your squad leader...not sure why they did that. I mean it added strategy to choose who you wanted your leader to be. I would do it a lot and get behind enemy lines, have my squad spawn on me and flank the enemy with an attack.

Also LMG is the one weapon that needs either nerfing as far as power or more recoil. It's way too accurate shooting from the hip.

bodybombs2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

i dont think its very accurate at all. i used the engineer class for a while and couldnt hit shit while hip firing.

as of right now, im so so on the game. ive played it for about 5 hours all together, and while it is fun, i find that spawn camping is a huge problem, and on that particular level i feel that the helghast have a huge advantage.

house2864d ago

it is a lot of fun im around level 17 and i kinda wish i waited since it will be at zero when i buy the game -_-

Mr Patriot2864d ago

Please GG remove the fukin grain filter its annoying

nikrel2864d ago

I'm going to cancel my preorder due to Spawn Camping, and Inf class it's like COD but worse because they can stealth... so much fun.../s

There seems to be less tactful play in KZ3 than KZ2

bodybombs2863d ago

it seems that they dumbed the gameplay down to appeal to the CoD crowd.

its still fun, but i dont think ill be buying it for a while

nikrel2863d ago

I feel you, I've been so excited for KZ3, but I am so disappointed.