The first 10 minutes: Heavenly Sword

Here is the first 10 minutes of Heavenly Sword...

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Wolfmoonstrike4100d ago

It is a really good game I enjoyed/enjoying immensely.

HaHa4100d ago

I love this game. The story, Graphics & in-game animation, the soundtrack and the gameplay. It's just amazing and so well done :) I wish it was longer though :(

Thank you God of War for making this genre popular again. Now hurry up and come out you too ;)

SL1M DADDY4100d ago

The final battle. The ending of this game was bar none the best I have seen in years. The game may have been short for some but to get to the end of it was a pleasant trip and finished with a spectacular finale.

Violater4100d ago

The ending battle is amazing, but it should not be posted,
People should experience it for themselves.

bluebrad19744100d ago

Another 15 minutes and it would have shown the ending.

HaHa4100d ago

You seem confused. The title says "the first 10 minutes of Heavenly Sword" not Gears of War.

SL1M DADDY4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

You must be an xbot that never played the game. Typical comment from an idiot fanboy…

nanometric4100d ago

I didn't know Morpheus had a extra green pill too? O_o

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The story is too old to be commented.