IGM: Stacking Review - Exactly What This World Needs!

Comrades, I have had an epiphany! I know what type of game this world needs, and it needs it badly! I have envisaged a game where late 19th century industrialisation and the greed of overwhelming capitalism is parodied in a world populated by sentient Matryoshka dolls. I can’t wait to see the millions roll – what was that? You say Double Fine has already created such a game? Published by THQ you tell me? Time to kiss my millions goodbye and enlist in the local review factory to churn out an evaluation for the bourgeois overlords.

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yourgodisdead2779d ago

Just finished the game with every trophy, just as the last trophy popped up my electric went out and now I only have 38% :( and I cant get the others because the game is 100% complete >.<

ugabugaz2779d ago

Delete your save and start over?

NukaCola2779d ago

HUH? How come you cannot get 100% when the first level has a trophy for doing all Hi-Jinx, but they aren't even unlocked until the next area? Can you explain. I only finished the station so far.

yourgodisdead2778d ago

New Hijinx are unlocked in the station every time you complete a level

ChrisPriestman2779d ago

That's odd, you should have the trophies surely :S
Maybe you can delete the game and then re-download? Or can you delete the trophies and start again?

NukaCola2779d ago

I only played the first area, but I have to say this is a very cool game. Well worth the money. I got it for free though cause of my PS+ membership which was just the coolest since it's a new game.

The art direction is cool, the Russian/Polish/German Silent Movie Noir is a great way to go. It's a simple game and solving puzzles are pretty easy, but they offer numerous ways to solve them and you trying to come up with the crazier solutions can be tricky. The story is quirky, the gameplay is fun, the content is plentiful for a DLC game, and overall it's a charming game. Tim Shafer can deliver and it's originality is welcomed.

mightyboot2779d ago

loved the demo so funny.