Crysis 2 to offer over 60 hours gameplay

In a new interview with the XCN, Nathan Camarillo claims Crysis 2 will be offering many hours of gameplay.

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ShadesMoolah2655d ago

Usually when a developer says stuff like this it's usually about half that time for the hardcore gamer.

SnakeMustDie2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

It's still considerably long for a FPS shooter considering most FPS these days are just 4-8hrs.

If this is true, there would be some serious pacing problems and can bore some people.

zootang2655d ago

10hrs single play so about 4-8hrs then.

MAJ0R2655d ago

this statement is completely false, you can never judge how long someone will be interested in multiplayer.

singleplayer is 10 hours so that's how long the game is. how ever many hours is put into multiplayer completely depends on the person.

NukaCola2655d ago

60hours? Is that like in Halo or Killzone where you have hidden intel/symbols/skulls/etc to find, or ingame achievements/trophies for doing so many headshots, melees, etc?

I wonder how long is the actual campaign, and if 60 hours is just that. It's obvious the MP can offer an endless amount of gameplay if it's fun and they keep up on the game with patches, updates, dlc, etc.

MintBerryCrunch2655d ago

by 60 hours, they mean mainly MP

awi59512655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

It will have one or two DVD's but still will look way better on my 3GPU PC than the ps3 version with bluray lol .

ShinMaster2655d ago

Lol, they almost made me think it was single plaer for a second there.

nickjkl2655d ago

they are talking about multiplayer like are you guys stupid 60 hours of gameplay in a single player fps

Redman222655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

"10 hours for SP and multiplayer will add a further 50+"

Uh how is this different from very other FPS? It's not... bullshit pointless article.

Good news everyone Killzone 3 will give you OVER one million hours of gameplay. hooray!

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bageara2655d ago

even if its an exaggeration and its only 30 hours long, that is still damn good going for an FPS these days!

Fishy Fingers2655d ago

10 hours SP (so probably 7 or so). 50+ hours to get to top rank in MP. Just read.

joydestroy2655d ago

yeah that's misleading. it should say 10hrs of gameplay.

MP can be infinite as long as you keep playing

bageara2655d ago

Ive often complained about people not reading articles before they post and here i am approving them. It was because im on my mobile phone i couldnt read the article, sorry people i wont make the same mistake again* head hung in shame*

Xfanboy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )


this game will be awsome thats all I have to say of it.

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specialguest2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

How about you guys read the article! The SP is 10hrs long. Multiplayer is about 50 to reach the end.


BiggCMan2655d ago

How about you guys read the article! He estimates the story being 10 hours for the average person, and the multiplayer taking about 50 hours to reach the end. The story is no longer than any other FPS, but that doesn't really bother me because I plan on doing lots of exploring around the city, just like Crysis and the island.

wicko2655d ago

The campaign is not 60 hours.. he's talking about multiplayer. SP is 10 hours, and to reach max rank will supposedly take 50 hours. Which doesn't really mean much, look how long it takes to reach max rank in battlefield: I'm rank 28 after 62 hours of play, and it goes up to 50.

Eyeco2655d ago

i think as of now the longest Single Player campaign in an FPS is Half Life 2, depending on the player that should clock in around 15-20 hours of gameplay depending on the player , epic game tho

sich922655d ago

but hardcore players are weirdos so 60 hrs for normal players still

visualb2655d ago

For all the "article-title-only readers" (most of you)

"According to Nathan the single player campaign which can be played multiple times with differing results is said to offer 10 hours on a first play for the average gamer. He also mentioned the multiplayer will add a further 50+ hours. "

SP = 10 hours

x8002655d ago

its NOT sp, mp is 60hours+ to unlock things. sp is 10hours...

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Call_me_Ishmael2655d ago

would you people release the ps3 demo already?

Stealth20k2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

more like 60-50 hours

= 10 hours

they said the same thing for crysis, and even that got boring.

divideby02655d ago

did anyone read the article...

Fishy Fingers2655d ago

Haha, I'm wondering the same.

silvacrest2655d ago

i'll bee honest, i didnt but after reading your comments i did and my original comment is still valid

multiplayer shouldn't be mentioned when talking about a games length

tobysims2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I think the 1.1 comment is the worst. You should reply to him. Oh wait you only respond to positive comments and ignore the negative ones in news not PS3 exclusive.

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