Halo 3 reviews beat Bioshock

Just in case you missed the explosion of Halo 3 reviews over the weekend, Bungie's shooter is doing pretty well at review stage around the world. The game scoring an average of 9.7 on stat crunching website Metacritic. You can almost hear the champagne corks popping at Bungie HQ.

It wasn't long ago that 2K's Bioshock rocked the world of review scores, coming out with nothing lower than high 9s if not straight 10s.

Surprise - Halo 3 is doing the same. Is it a surprise though - wasn't it always going to score really high? CVG are more surprised that some haven't gone out there and said it's an 8 because it's 'more of the same'.

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felidae4100d ago

played it for 2 hours.

Bioshock is so much better

this game is overhyped (singleplayer)

FirstknighT4100d ago

Currently sitting as the third highest rated game of all time. Impressive indeed!

Lumbo4100d ago

At least Halo has multiplayer, that alone is a bonus over Bioshock.

LeonSKennedy4Life4100d ago

That is when you know the hype has gone TOO FAR!

Halo 3 is, in NO WAY, even CLOSE to Bioshock. How can any of you sit there and agree?

Bioshock is a masterpeice!

rusgreim4100d ago

Bioshock is a beautiful thing. Its wonderfully crafted and its graphics and feel are awesome.

Its story on the other hand, not so great.

And its lack of multiplayer, a grave sin.

I've played it. I beat it. I am far more impressed by Halo 3.

IQUITN4G4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

Bought Bio , played Bio and got rid of Bio

Wonderful graphics and atmosphere

The game is massive which i consider not to be a negative - some may do

Loses it after killing Ryan and for me a couple of hours past the start - can't maintain the thrill of the opening parts.

Bio is definitely worth a playthrough but it's completely overrated.

I had no desire to go through again.

Reviewers will look back thinking why they marked so high.

synce4100d ago

Main difference between Halo getting good scores and BioShock getting good scores is that most reviewers giving Halo high marks were paid by Microsoft. That's just how it works.

GameOn4100d ago

Have you got some information that prooves MS has paid of the Halo 3 reviews? Why cant you just admit that Halo 3 could possibly be a good game?

JokesOnYou4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

the whole world has lost creditability according to sonykids

The plot thickens as micro's massive conspiracy begins to unfold;

1ups in on it

Gamespots in on it

IGN's in on it

Eurogamer is in on it

Gamepro, Gamespy, Pro G, Gamersdaily are all in on it

your neighbors are in on it

your friends are in on it

millions of gamers are in on it

sony is in on it

the whole world around you is just plotting against you thats all, whats that noise over there?, why is that light blinking?, wierd huh?, look behind you, whats that?, oh see that man smiling enjoying his lunch, nah really he's laughing at you, what's that the phone but when you answered the mysterious unkown charachter hung-up????, if you only knew where to find him?, then you could unlock the secrets of this tangled web of conspiracy thats surrounding you, the signs are there you just need to decipher them, ssshhh keep it down someones coming???, oh sorry thats just Master Chief, I wonder what he wants=


thats right sonykids everytime you spam this site with you're nutty conspiracy theories that you just can't seem to get out of your head, I'll remind you that its not just a nightmare in your head, no matter what your therapists says its, real, 'tick, 'tick, 'tick,..... 'tick,........................ ...tick??? ha ha I think a couple sonykids just shiii their pants!

synce4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

Wow, you're pretty f*cking pathetic, JokesOnYou. Firstly, I admitted that Bioshock deserved those scores. Why? Because I played it on my Xbox 360. And know what? I do have a PS3 also. I can afford one. I'm old enough to have a job. I don't spend my free time concerning myself with arguing over which console is better, like you seem to be so passionate about with the Xbox 360.

My point was that big name games often get good scores because the publishers have deep pockets, and there will be outrage if the publication goes against the masses. It's a known fact that publications are paid off to give good scores to certain games in exchange for advertising revenue. I don't need to give you proof. JFGI.

Arguing that Halo is awesome because it sells a lot is like saying that Britney Spears is the greatest singer of all time because her albums always go platinum.

VirusE4100d ago

You are obviously to dumb to even understand what the word "fact" means. A fact is something that can be undisputedly proven true. You have zero proof there for what you are saying is an opinion. So MS buys good reviews and no one else does is what you are trying to say? Did sony not have enough cash to "BUY" good reviews for lair? Your ignorance is mind boggling.

nobizlikesnowbiz4100d ago


Good stuff JoY.

VirusE, agreed 100% as usual.

thewhoopimen4100d ago

Synce don't listen to these teen xbot're in a kid website... what do you expect? Everything is served to them hand and foot. They haven't figured out how to think for themselves. Listen kids, every industry has a "pay-off, bribe, or incentive" scheme. It's called marketing dollars and if you bothered to read anything about Microsoft's past history (dealing with ahem...Netscape) and how they threatened PC manufacturers with product/incentive embargoes, you would know it is "regular" tactic that Microsoft uses to "motivate" good reviews. Proof is in the pudding.

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