Saints Row 2 - first official details

Initial details have hit on Saints Row 2, Volition's gangster sequel that THQ confirmed in May was in the pipeline for Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Saints Row 2 will be playable online in two-player co-op through the entire single-player campaign or in the all new open-world competitive multiplayer mode never before seen in the genre", THQ's said about multiplayer in the sequel.

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HungPHAT4072d ago

Sounds good looks like GTA4 has a little competion this time , THQ is knocking on their door step for real with there multiplayer ideas

Chris_GTR14072d ago

well gta4 hasnt revealed anything on their multiplayer yet. but i like the competition. it also looks like our character is finnaly going to have a voice! :) other than only 4 sentences ;)

Young Capwn4072d ago

He had a voice in the last one, Yet he ONLY talked at the end of beating each chapter, and it was usually something ridiculously funny lol.

He talked a total of 4 times?

anyways this game is gonna be greaaat i loved the first one and i kinda think this might be better than GTA, Gta's graphics so far look almost the same... this game has AMAZING colors and visuals.

The first time i played it on the 360 the thing that wowed me the most was the Fire visual, look like the character was actually burning..

sovietsoldier4072d ago

all i want is cops to act like cops, swat teams should not runn around like chickens with no heads.

zonetrooper54072d ago

I loved the first Saints Row but SR2 must improve on graphics, AI, gameplay and make the mutiplayer part much better.

Chris_GTR14072d ago

the only thing im kindof dissapointed about is that it says that they added onto the original city. so were probably going to be in the same lame city again :( . nothing wrong with the city but i wana play in a new city, it makes it feel like a new game. hopefully they add alot more stores to the game with other things to buy. that helicopter in the pictures better be flyable ;)

yea i think he spoke only 4 sentences. 1 at the end of each gang story. then 1 more on the final mission on the boat.