Final Fantasy I and II hitting PSN

Square Enix has announced it’s bringing Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II to PSN beginning this month.

It’ll release Final Fantasy next week, February 16, for €9.99. Final Fantasy II will launch on March 2 for the same price.

Square also confirmed that if you buy Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy and The 3rd Birthday on PSP, you’ll also get a coupon to buy both games at half-price.

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Godmars2902781d ago

Why do I have to ask if these will be the latest PSP versions of the game, or PS1 era ports?

RedDead2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

10 for FF1? Nice try S-e

Not really. Not for the third port of it. You know what would be better? If the game was free. Like the Command and Conquer series. Games from that era are free quite often nowadays. Of course this is S-e now so...

Troll-without-Bridge2781d ago

Those games are timeless masterpieces, 10 bucks is a steal.

anasurimbor2781d ago

I don't think 10 bucks is a steal by any means, but I agree that the games are timeless masterpieces. I'm assuming the games are going to be the PS1 enhancements released as Final Fantasy Origins, which is readily available online for $10-15.

Or, you could get the superior Dawn of Souls for the GBA used for $10.

Troll-without-Bridge2781d ago

10 bucks is a lousy meal at mcdonalds. If you think these 2 games are worth less than that, then you should just stop caring about games altogether.

If people pay 60 bucks for lesser games, i dont see whats the big deal here.

NukaCola2781d ago

I would buy it for $10, but not a port of the NES version, I would like at least the PSOne or PSP versions with updated visuals.

AntoineDcoolette2781d ago

Mihael, $10 Mcdonald's meal.... lol

What crazy world do you live in

NukaCola2781d ago


I live in Germany and the average price amongst a McMenu meal is about 6 Euro which is about $8 or so American, and some McD's do not have refills which cost more. It's not the same everywhere as it is in the States. I am an American soldier, just to say I have a good experience of comparing the life here and there. BTW I love Germany.

anasurimbor2781d ago


I think charging $10 for both games separately as a digital download is unfair. There's no need to charge that much for them separately, when they've been released to death already, and in superior formats (digital download being the bottom of the barrel in my eyes).

I have this opinion being that I own just about every iteration of these games there is, so I can say with certainty that I've spent well over $10 of them.

SephireX2781d ago

Dare I say that you can get a nice meal in mcdonalds for only 6 bucks.

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Troll-without-Bridge2781d ago

Ps1 ports, the older ones belong to nintendo.

Trroy2781d ago

No Final Fantasy game "belongs to Nintendo"

They all belong to Square-Enix, and can be republished on any platform they choose, at any time.

It's entirely possible that these are the PSP or DS versions, but upscaled. But I agree that it's more likely that these are the PS1 versions of the games, since that would require the least investment on S-E's part.

InfiniteJustice2781d ago

Would hope they'd be PSN versions, even with trophies. But that's asking too much. Probably old ports playable on PS3 and PSP

Kee2781d ago

I doubt they'll be remade or updated. Probably just a straight up port.
Will it play on PS3 as well as the PSP?

Surfaced2781d ago

What? Did anyone ask for this?

Where is Xenogears already??

Troll-without-Bridge2781d ago

about freaking time, now give us parasite eve 1 and 2.

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