Sony NGP won't kill off PSP - Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios, has told Edge that Sony NGP and PSP will co-exist when the former launches later this year.

The exec said it wouldn't make business sense to kill off the original PSP because the company's currently "struggling to meet" consumer demand for the platform, which launched in late 2004.

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BLACKBOIJONES2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Obviously it wont...Just look at the ps2 is still going strong and im sure the same for will go for the psp after the psp2 comes out

@Blaze929 (BELOW)...Could u explain how is dead,last time i checked the psp is still selling millions yearly and bringing in profit.Have u seen the japan charts???? The psp is constantly part of the top 5 every week.

R2D22863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

The only way that it wont kill the PSP is if it stays hack proof for a long time. People like free games and the PSP is the perfect thing for that.

If the NGP gets hacked within the first 3 months of it release, then the PSP is pretty much useless.

AAACE52863d ago

Uhhh... Yes it will!

The NGP is the way a Psp should have been made in the first place! The original psp was just what was available so we made ourselves like it!

No one can doubt the NGP will be the sh*t and that it will put the psp 1 to shame.

zeeshan2863d ago

I don't see how it won't kill PSP. NGP is like wayyyy ahead of PSP. Unless Sony plans to sell PSP for like $50-$100, I don't see how NGP won't kill PSP. That's the way technology works. New one comes in and the old one goes out. Yes, PS2 is still alive but it's not selling heaps and heaps like PS3 and will eventually die out sooner or later.

Panthers2863d ago

The Hacker community is quite small. Not large enough to have a huge impact on the sales of something like a console. A few thousand, maybe 10s of thousands, but not millions.

Tommykrem2863d ago

And PSP is going to have a bigger install base for the next 4 years or so, and is going to be cheaper. The NGP won't kill off the PSP. In fact, most later consoles last quite a bit into the next console's life cycle. PS1 did it on PS2, and PS2 is still selling very well. So goes for N64 and Gamecube, and actually also Xbox and 360

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DonnieDarko2863d ago

Psp doesn't need any help killing itself off. As far as I'm concerned it's crap. However I'm not a big fan of portable gaming

MicroSony4Life2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

PSP one anolog stick - NGP two anolog sticks.

pain777pas2863d ago

PSP games off PSN will work on NGP. Some developers may incorporate NGP controls for future PSP games since the install base will be much bigger. PSP is going to do well at a $99 price point though $129 is not bad. PSP still has value and from the looks of things 3DS is not as powerful as many were hoping it would be. They use the same amount of ram for the PSP 2000 onward and the CPU is clocked at 333mhz now. 3DS does have 2 266mhz clocked CPUs however that may be used for 3D games only (I hope not). The GPU on the 3DS could be better but I have not seen a game that literally looks like it could not be ported adequately to the PSP in all honesty. Peace walker looks very good. GOW games look good. CC looks good. I'd wish that capcom would have released RE PSP so that we can see whether PSP can handle the 3DS engine they are using. SSF4 LOOKS like it could be ported to the PSP aswell though NGP new arcade edition seems likely.

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Kurisu2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

The PS2 still coexists with the PS3, but I'm not sure the PSP has the same staying power. I think Final Fantasy Type-0 will be one of the final pushes for the platform before the NGP takes the limelight. Then again, if the PSP price gets a dramatic price cut it could work. There are quite a lot of cheap titles available.

Blaze9292863d ago

can't kill what's already dead......

Adva2863d ago

Must be why is still sells in millions and must also be why it is still being supported, although not by a huge amount.

Tommykrem2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

People who call PSP a failure tend to forget that it has sold more than 360 and PS3, and almost as much as all the different versions of iPhone combined.

Blaze9292863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

who said anything about it failing? Look at it's release line up for 2011 and tell me the PSP isn't dead...

Biggest2863d ago

That looks a lot better than the Kinect line-up. Is Kinect dead? It looks better than the Move line-up. Is the Move dead? It looks better than the 360 exclusive line-up. Are the 360 exclusives dead? Well, they are. But the other things aren't dead. The PSP is not dead.

Tommykrem2863d ago

Well, when you have an install base on over 60 million units it's going to take a while before it's dead. Does the PS2 have a better line-up than the PSP for next year? No, but it sells about four million units each year. Both PS2 and PSP have so many existing titles that they can keep going on that for a long time.

Raendom2863d ago

Nope, I love my PSP and still continue buying games for it. Quite a lot coming out this year too.

zackacloud2863d ago

Don't forget psn have a lot of things for psp

And many games will release on PSP

Final Fantasy Type-0 it enough reason (First Multi UMD game for worldwide)

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