DICE 2011: Mark Cerny On The Death Of The $50 Million Game

In his nearly 30 year career in video games, Mark Cerny says the only constant has been change, and recent downward changes in the size of the console market have the veteran designer pondering some pretty serious questions.

“As a guy who’s been through some pretty tough times in games, I have to start wondering -- is this the end?” he asked at a D.I.C.E. Summit speech today.

The answer, Cerny says, is probably no. Unlike the arcade and console industries that crashed spectacularly in the early ‘80s, today’s console market is not plagued by a dearth of genres, which Cerny considers the “canary in the coal mine” of industry health.

What may actually be in trouble, Cerny argues, is games with budgets approaching and surpassing $50 million.

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BubbleSniper2777d ago

he raise a very good point. i like a person who can see with

the future in mind and keep clear headed about it.

he is also someone with deep roots in the Sony history of


he also afilliated with Sega, ND and Insomniac.

great insight from a vet.