Playstation: on the dark side of the Force

Famous russian philosopher shares his thoughts about modern gaming industry: "Dear Sony! You are one of the main players in the gaming market, but quite often your sales are bypassed by Microsoft with their exclusives. There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is the plot of your games." Heat to read after a jump.

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SnakeMustDie2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

"Uncharted and MGS-games aren't first-grade plot"?

I guess Gears and Halo are very original.

"Following this, I, on behalf of all PS3 owners beg you: Bring to PS3 more heroic games! We want to be heroes! We are tired of playing as stupid egoists!"

That's one of the most stupid statements I have ever read. It's like saying "We are tired of playing as stupid space marines".

"The Japanese had made the console solely as an end in itself. Forget gaming - this is a "media center" that can store photos (not well), play movies (not really) and blu-rays (which have almost nothing to watch) and disclose its (missing) potential. Xbox, in comparison, can perform only a single task - run excellent games."

Then why are 360 fanboys keeps bragging about party chat if it only "runs excellent games". The reason why it has so many features is because of the value of a game console that can also be used as a media center.

"In this way Sony will never make good games, or provide a high-quality service - it is destined to serve as a counterweight for the US with its Asian stubbornness and clumsiness "

A very racist statement if you ask me. Basically they are saying that PS3 cannot compete with the 360 because it is made by a Japanese Company.

"PS has no first-class games, despite directly copying the Holy Trinity of Halo + GoW + ME, it still is not even close in terms of quality. Yes, there are Killzone + Uncharted + Heavy Rain – dragged up to the second class by the abundance of post-effects, dark environment, gloomy atmosphere and a plethora of negative characters. Which is a very alarming symptom."

PS3 exclusives directly copying the "Holy Trinity"? They are different games!! You cannot compare Killzone to Halo and Uncharted to Gears because they are "different" games with different gameplay for different people. Mass Effect is multiplatform. I don't randomly bash games(except CoD) because I know why people like them.

"Exclusive Sony games, however, have no positive characters at all, which leads to them being forgotten almost immediately after release. Playstation could not even create its own mascots, resorting to dragging around for years the completely unremarkable sackboy from LBP. The Japanese rushed to take advantage of all known cheap dramatic tricks without a pinch of reflection."

The PS brand is known to be for everyone. You can have something for all ages like LBP, for Fragheads like Killzone or hardcore games like Demon's Souls.

Regarding the mascot, Sony doesn't need one because the PS brand is again "known to be for everyone". It would be a disaster if the PS3 is marketed towards everyone but it's poster boy is Kratos.

The closest mascots Sony is going to get are Crash(MIA) and Sackboy.

I give up.

sergeykalenik2385d ago

<i>The reason why it has so many features is because of the value of a game console that can also be used as a media center. </i>

If so, why none of this functions is working well enought to use them. Or you really store your photos on ps3? Or can watch movies downloaded from torrents? Did you really need all that staff on your game console?

<i>"We are tired of playing as stupid space marines". </i>

Stupid marines are stupid, but brave and bold. They sacriface their lives for higher achievments.

There is none of such Heroes on ps3. None. And this is the main difference between xbox and ps3.

SnakeMustDie2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

You can play movies on the PS3 by "inserting the movie disk" inside the blu-ray drive. No need to torrent them. It's your opinion that you didn't like all the features inside and I understand it.

Just because the PS3 doesn't have space marines doesn't mean they don't "sacriface" themselves for higher achievements. Space Marines isn't synonymous to bravery.

Many people didn't need some kind of high-tech suit or overpowered guns just to be a brave hero. Drake saved the world and he didn't need it.

Snake relied on his skills of sneaking(and killing) to save the world from being thrown into utter chaos. With a little help from his high-tech gadgets.

There are many real life examples that occured without any bloodshed.

They place their lives on the line and/or sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Yeah, there are no such Heroes on the PS3.

kaleniksergey2385d ago


Nope. There is no heroic characters on ps3. Look:

Drake was a theift and all his motivation was in personal money profit, he dont sacriface himself for world and etc.

Snake is egoistic too, he is proffesional killer, not a hero, and he always thinking only about his own interests, from start to end of MGS4.

There is no grater good in MGS, Uncharted or Killzone or even Heaby Rain - this is the main and only one cause of fail of this games. If they haved heroic personages they will easily outreach sales of xbox exclusives.

zootang2385d ago

So essentially,

Power Rangers/Star ship troopers Vs
James Bond/Indianna jones

zootang2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

So Nathan Drake isn't saving the world from Lazaravic?

Elena actually says
Chloe Frazer: All the more reason why we should get out while we still can.

Nathan Drake: I'm just trying to set things right.

Elena Fisher: And maybe save the world?

Snake tries to stop Metal Gear which would destroy the world (start over again)

Not to mention Nathan Hale, Nariko, Sev, Ratchet & Clank!

Have you played these games?

ZombieAssassin2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

"Stupid marines are stupid, but brave and bold. They sacriface their lives for higher achievments.

There is none of such Heroes on ps3. None. And this is the main difference between xbox and ps3."

You be trollin' right? I mean look at Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Cole, Nathan Hale...all of them are heroes in their own way, each of them are fighting for the world without having too.

The difference between them and Master chief is they weren't specifically made to be soldiers/heroes (besides snake of course) so in a way it makes them more of a hero than him.

@Krypto below

amen brother.

Krypto2385d ago

WTF is this bullshit?? Give me some god damn news....It's friday with 4 more hours of work. No fanboy bullshit article. Thank You

duplissi2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

i cant believe people are even giving you the time of day to argue with you... you are borderline retarded or a blind moronic fanboy if that is your honest oppinion.

ksense2385d ago

all the author had to say was "I am a xbox fanboy" at the beginning and I would have stopped reading and saved some time.....

ComboBreaker2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

"But but but... the PS3 is doom."
"But but but... the PS3 have no games."
"But but but... the sales."

LOL, the media got owned so many times,
the media is just grasping at straws at this point.

"But but but the PS3 doesn't have a Hero."

PS - Do they not know that there's even a game with the specific title "Heroes on the Move" on the PS3? LOL.

ShinMaster2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

The level of ignorance from the author is beyond comprehension!

Copying Halo, Gears and ME?
1- Halo hasn't been the standard for anything since Halo 2.
2- There's nothing on PS3 resembling Gears at all. And since when is Gears original.
3- ME isn't even an Xbox exclusive.

The variety of games and genres on the PS3 is unparalleled.
From Ratchet and Clank to Resistance. From Uncharted to LittleBigPlanet. And so many others.

That's what makes the PlayStation franchise so special.

PS. I could swear Drake stopped Lazaravic from being all up in the world's face with his evil and stuff. That's kind of heroic if you ask me. Or have you not played the game?

ShinMaster2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Just reading everything he said is pure prove.
He literally went out of his way to say that Sony has "the most mediocre games".

He's barely grasping at straws to bash every single game, constantly rambling on about nonsense!

Does he really think there's nothing to watch on Blu-ray? Is he unaware that almost every movie ever made is on Blu-ray?
You can also download and watch any video/movie on it.

And the whole tone of the article is very anti-Japan.


MaxXAttaxX2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Makes you wonder who runs this site for this to get approved...

Since when is straight up "trolling" considered a decent "opinion piece".

NiKK_4192385d ago

i wish there was a bubble down option for simply being stupid

OT: there are tons of heroes for playstation, wtf are yu guys talkin about?

dulinf2384d ago

I agree. You have some good points in your article. Especially Sony and Japan is controled by Americans since WW2.

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realyman2385d ago

I personaly also think what Sony will loose only because Americans wanted to gain controll over gaming industry from Japan. That is a good propaganda weapon.

Kon2385d ago

"I don't randomly bash games(except CoD) because I know why people like them. "

"We are tired of playing as stupid space marines".

Gotta love irony.

Parapraxis2385d ago

"Famous russian philosopher"

LMFAO..that is all.

Christopher2385d ago

Yes... please make yourself more like the 360 so that I don't have the option to find the type of games you do make anywhere!

Ultraplayerxp2385d ago

The author obviously has a thing for space marines.
I mean Holy Trinity? Halo+Gears+ME? What is one thing these thing have in common? Yep, space marines. He's a space marine fanboy, and doesn't think anyone is a hero if they're not a space marine. Xbox is truly the console for you then.

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Loner2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

He makes a good point about the storys being crap.That rings true again recently when we hear complaints about Killzone 3 story.The mascot is another good point who the hell is PS3s mascot.When you think 360 you instantly think Master Chief.Please dont say sack boy.Hes a character for little kids
The rest was a major case of tl:dr

sergeykalenik2385d ago

And i'm not only sayn that, i'm on facts show WHY we have such fail on ps3. Because ps3 was made as competitor for xbox - and japs maked their console like "self-target". It means they don't even think about games on ps3, that needed only the console.

Surfaced2385d ago

Hey, you understand that the term "japs" is considered derogatory, right?

ShinMaster2385d ago

You think LBP is just for kids? Please grow up.
That's pretty immature, ironically.

"I only play mature guy games with the guns and the armor, roar"
You people try to hard. Please GTFO.

PlayStation has had multiple mascots over the years.
It was easy for Xbox to have a mascot because it only had like one game, Halo. Therefore, that became the mascot by default.

SnakeMustDie2385d ago

Story and Gameplay can be an opinion. For example, I like true crime while you don't. I understand that people love games like Halo because I used to be one of them.

The author is just trying so hard to bring down PS3 games that he didn't try to look at it from an objective point-of-view.

We can all differ on opinions so...

eraursls842385d ago

Who cares about a mascot, I like the games. There's good reason to own bother the PS3 and the X 360, but lately there is less and less reason to hang onto the X, but at least it has master chief to keep it company

house2385d ago

yes loner you think master chief when you think of xbox because its one of three games the x box has that's really big with the ps3 i can name more than 20 thats why you cant think of any because there's so many!

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alphakennybody2385d ago

who is this guy trying to convince?

sergeykalenik2385d ago

Playstation! And i beg they to make at least one heroic game!

Studio-YaMi2385d ago

Go troll somewhere else please..
thank you

alphakennybody2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Do you even know the definition of heroism? I don't think so.

ShAkKa2385d ago

An heroic game like infamous perhaps? how about heavenly Sword? Resistance?

Ultraplayerxp2385d ago

He's just gonna ignore them. If a person can write such a misinformed article, what makes you think he's going to change his mindset just cause you named a few games?