Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza 3 vs. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - ingame comparison

Check this gallery with comparison screenshots from Gran Turismo 5, Forza 3 and Test Drive Unlimited 2. Which game do you prefer?

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S_C2863d ago

Sees GT5 Vs Forza 3 and thinks fair enough but then see's test drive unlimited 2 in the comparision, what is the point in this very lame........ playing TDU2 as i speak and so far im enjoying it

zootang2863d ago

First Killzone 2 now GT5 has to put up with all the comparisons? We know PS3 exclusives look the best no need to rub it in.

S_C2863d ago

What you talking about KZ2 for ?

asgharagha2863d ago

gt5 is the best looking racing game in universe .cars are really sexy and eiger and london are best looking tracks in all racing games.i dont know if this game is 1080 p or 720 p but 1080 p is really crap and i prefer 720 p and i think the reviewers played it in 1080 p and said those things about its graphics and said nfs hot pursuit is better than gt5 but i have them both and gt5 is much better than hot pursuit in 720 p .

toaster2863d ago

Are you retarded? How is 720p better than 1080p?

wazzim2863d ago

Didn´t you know? 720P is the best, 1080P is just ugly. More detailed textures, less jaggies etc etc. Why would you want that? /s

hennessey862863d ago

and while there is slightley less pixelation when theres smoke and spray the graphics are alot worse. It definitley looks better in 1080p on my tv

d3nworth12863d ago

gt5 runs at 1280p x 1080p

Boody-Bandit2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

One of the weakest comparisons I have seen in ages and THAT says it all. Comparing GT5 to Forza 3 is bad enough, but TDU2 to GT5? That is a complete joke. There isn't enough doctoring in the world to be able to pull that feat off. TDU2 looks like an average first generation (this gen) title.

Snake-eater2863d ago

that last pics more or less defines GT5, it looks freakishly real !

hennessey862863d ago

ive got a pic i took on gt5 as my wallpaper on my playstation but ingame and replays dont look as good

redwolf2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

but GT5 ingames looks better than any racers on console to date

ProjectVulcan2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

That is because photo mode in GT5 renders at a higher resolution, much better shadow and lighting effects, better AA etc as it does not have to run 60 frames a second. Basically the high end post processing in photo mode is not actually in game because cant do it and run 50+ frames a second. Many photo modes are like this.

TDU2 looks good although i am playing the PC version, generally with 1080p natively and a bunch of anti aliasing its a rather pretty game as you drive around. On console much less so.

asgharagha2863d ago

this game isnt 1080 p i think but if it is its 1080 p is really crap try 720 p then look for yourselves

jammydude2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

It IS 1080p - 1080p is defined as 1080 vertical lines of pixels with the image progressively scanned - the fact that GT5 is not of native 1920*1080 resolution does not change that it is, natively, 1080p. People have this misconception a lot when talking about GT5.


iamgoatman2863d ago

1080p is also often used as shorthand for 1920x1080 or Full HD when referring to somethings outputted resolution, as using the literal meaning of a term that allows for such variance is rather pointless, a video with a res of 1x1080 is by definition 1080p.

When people say 1080p what they really mean to say is Full HD, but due to the way that TVs are marketed the terms have come to mean one in the same. It says all this in the wiki article you linked.

So when people say GT5 is not in 1080p they mean that although it may be technically 1080p, it doesn't meat the industries marketed requirements for 1080p or Full HD.

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