Sony NGP: Porting PS3 games 'simple and quick'

Porting PlayStation 3 games to PSP successor, NGP is "simple and quick", worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida boss told Edge.

Speaking in the mag's latest issue - which is with subscribers now - Yoshida called making NGP's development environment "as easy as possible" a priority - but stressed that it doesn't mean we'll only see PS3 ports on the handheld.

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user8586212860d ago

ohhh great will this system be clustered with ports rather then ORIGINAL! games

pedrami912860d ago

It wouldn't hurt reading the article too you know.

NukaCola2860d ago

I really like what Kojima said that the potential for you to drop your game from your PS3 onto your NGP to play it on the go, and then get back home and drop it back onto the TV again....That sounds really cool. Plus since COD is coming, I really see the fanatics enjoying the ability to play their accounts anyway they are.

Also the idea that something huge like WoW or DCUniverse can come to NGP is really cool. The possibilities are out there. I hope that devs really use the technology to it's fullest.

ABizzel12860d ago

There are ports for every console get over it. The porting is going to be used my multiplat devs, so we'll see games like Madden and Call of Duty that come out every year on many console easily ported over to the NGP. This will save production time as well as cost since the NGP and PS3 titles are essentially the same.

That being said since it's easy to develop for does that mean games will stay $40 or will they cost $60 like the PS3. $60 games mean exclusives only for me. I take that back I'm on the road more than I'm at home so I may buy more games on the NGP?????

DigitalRaptor2860d ago

Original content is the most important things about a system. I'm sure there will be a good amount of original titles as well as a fair number of ports.

I'm sure Sony learned their mistakes from the original PSP. The developer support and impressions for NGP seems quite overwhelming.

matey2860d ago

the support is alright nothing like 3Ds Ea.Crytek,Ubisoft,Level 5,Capcon,THQ,HVS,Sega,Activisi on,Retro studios,Nintendo,Summo digital,Mercury steam,Renagade kid,Codemasters,to name a few plus the 3ds capcom said they had a demo of RE5 running in less than a week in full 3D and said u can get games up and running faster than any other console on the market the NGP is the same in that regard that u can develop like 20 times faster at the high quality found in consoles capcom said this says alot of how powerful the 3ds is so id say the 3ds is the most overwhelming console in the history of consoles

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NiKK_4192860d ago

i'd say the support is definitely better for ngp...but whatever you say

lazysey2860d ago

cant wait to play ngp port of the ps3 port of the xbox version of call of duty

DigitalAnalog2860d ago

To imagine the possibilities with those engines.

PS3 already has to deal with their own exclusive. It would be a waste if those resources can't be used in a variety of ways.

-End of Line

FinalSpartan2860d ago

why would i want a inferior experience, where i can play on my big HD tv and sound system?

Rather make exclusive for NGP. That makes people buy it. Stellar title for developers backing it up no ports.

Square Enix and Konami having been backing PSP with great titles like Crysis Core and Dissidia exclusive, MGS Peace Walker for PSP, I expect the same with NGP.

cr1361242860d ago

Why can we have both? I mean, you purchase the PS3 version of a game that includes the NGP version too. You can play the game at home and when you have to leave, you can pick it up from where you leave it at your PS3. If indeed you will have 3G connection, you can continue playing online in your NGP with full access to the PSN.

Of course, I would like to see also fully developed games exclusively for the NGP.

Oh well, I can dream. Right?

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SnakeMustDie2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I rather want then to improve upon the RemotePlay features so that you can play PS3 games on NGP if you own the game on the PS3.

At least we aren't gonna see a bunch of PS3 ports on NGP considering the launch lineup.

mushroomwig2860d ago

I hope they release an updated version of RemotePlay as well, with hopefully no restrictions on games you can play. A wireless transfer option would be amazing as well, being able to just copy games (such as minis) to my PSP2 without having to plug the usb cable in.

heylo2860d ago

just press the "convert to NGP" button

maniac762860d ago

id like a port of dcuniverse online haha. bring on the upscaled phantasy star 2 lol,would be nice to see some ps2 ports aswell,that are not on the ps3 hd list

SuperStrokey11232860d ago

I hope they concentrate on new games rather than just ports. Like some would be great but certainly that should be in the minority.

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