Twisted Metal set for a Spring release

Warp Zoned writes:

"Sony has updated the release date information for Twisted Metal on its listing and it looks like we may know when we can finally strap on the demonic clown mask own more time. Perhaps it was a bit premature, but someone at Sony has changed the game's release date to say 'Spring 2011.'"

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Daver2864d ago

Indeed! Twisted metal is awesome. It is a bit weird tho that we dont know much about it and it will be release in few months. I will doubt this date until we have an official announcement.

BiggCMan2864d ago

Well you could say the same about L.A Noire. We don't know a whole lot about it compared to other soon to be released games, and its coming in May. If this is true though, I will be very happy. I'm highly anticipating this game, I've been a fan since the beginning. I would like to see some new footage though.

DarkSpawnClone2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

OH HELL YEAH Spring release ? of my most anticipated game of the year YES PLEASE Twisted Metal is the best!!...i don't care if we don't know much about twisted metal i have played them all!! Twisted metal is twisted metal that's all you need to know! oh man thank you Jaffe!!!!!

Daver2864d ago


My point was not about what we know of the twisted metal franchise... It is just weird that we know so little about this one and they would release it in spring, they usually share informations before...

frostypants2864d ago


It's been TOO LONG! Finally.

Cloudberry2864d ago

I hope there would be enough games left for summer, if this is true.

There are no release date for inFamous 2, Sorcery, and buch of others yet.

MariaHelFutura2864d ago

Summer always sucks for game releases. Why? I have no clue....

Rage_S902864d ago

because people go outside in the summer and go on holiday im guessing

Memo-Xen x31002864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

It does suck but I believe companies think they will reach a broader audience in spring/fall/winter months because of less than favorable weather eliminating some peoples options for outdoor recreation. I personally don't believe TM will release this spring but here's to hoping.

Kleptic2864d ago

yeah my guess is that most people...go the summer...

It's definitely when i spend the least amount of time gaming...

I guess this is good news about TM though...but at the same time, i doubt i'll be ready for it if it does come this spring...killzone 3 was going to be my go to until it gets nice out...then won't need anything new until fall...which, i thought, was when TM would drop...

BeOneWithTheGun2864d ago

Screw the sun! I ceremoniously bring out the bkack curtains on June 21st and only leave the house for food and work. Skin cancer people!

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Sub-Zero852864d ago

Infamous 2 is a July or August 2011 release !

ryanelittlefield2864d ago

Crap, more of my money is going to fly out of my wallet sooner than expected.

....I guess I can't be sad about that.

KillerPwned2864d ago

This sounds right i think count me in day 1 buy. If their is a nice decently priced Special Edition with good stuff ill get that for this game.

DarkSpawnClone2864d ago

yeah same here i got to have that sweet tooth mask!

Burning_Finger2864d ago


With NGP around the corner...I'll be broke as F***.

Daver2864d ago

I think NGP is only out for Japan this year, but i could be wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.