The Xbox Dilemma: Could Playstation be Trapped by an Inferior Product?

John Drotar analyzes how Sony may have painted itself into a corner in this generation...

"Problems were made worse by Playstation’s assumption that the consumer would be forward thinking. By this I mean that Playstation touted that its online network is free, people who purchased Xbox year one and Live every year have already paid more than if they bought a PS3 at original sticker shock price. Moreover, Playstation flaunted the fact that it was going to be a 10 year system..."

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MariaHelFutura2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

XBL is such a scam, IMO. Which is why I only have XBLS. Think about what your supporting.

frjoethesecond2380d ago

Indeed. There should be dedicated servers and a weekly blowjob included for the price.

Joking about BJ btw.

realyman2380d ago Show
MisterAV2380d ago

In your mind man
prove me you're right if you can

vsr2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Actually Platform parity is new to this gen. Consumers should be treated as per their investment.

eg. $299 PS3 bluray game is same as $199 xbx/wii DVD game. This is very unfair to PS3 owners, even-though they are willing to pay $60 for a BLURAY.

No fanboyism. This is a "consumer point of view"

Boody-Bandit2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Great, all N4G needs is another new multiple account (realyman) troll. /s

No realyman, the proof is not on paper but in their (PS3) exclusives and they keep on proving it with each and every new release.

doa7662380d ago

360 has around a year or so above the PS3 in sales

360 total worldwide sales 50.7 million, average 10.1 million per year
PS3 total worldwide sales 47.9 million, average 12 million per year

and considering all the upcoming PS3 exclusives the averages can only tip in favor of the PS3, so for early 2012 PS3 will be ahead

and BTW, max payne 3 is not a PS3 exclusive

King_of _the_Casuals2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@ MariaHelFutura......what we're supporting is an American company that has provided us GREAT games for the time we have had it. Some of us don't have blind fanboy loyalty like you.

But aside from that, this article does bring up an interesting dilemma for Sony. Even though Sony was correct in bringing in the superior product to the table; MS seems to have played the better business game on them by painting them into this corner by coming out to the market first.
But maybe gamers will smarten up the next time around (although reading comments like MariaHelFutura I highly doubt it!) and realize that cheaper and first to the market isn't always the best choice in the long run.

But regardless, both systems are GREAT!!!!

kancerkid2380d ago

Flame article flames.

If the author does not know that Max Payne 3 is coming to Xbox 360, how can he be expected to write an informed article?

Lyr1c2380d ago


......Really man?

paintsville2380d ago

PS3 has struggled to keep up with 360 since it's release. If it were'nt for the blu-ray drive PS3 would be completely inferior. People can hooop and yell and say it's the best but let the games speak for themselves. 99% of games look, play and perform better on 360. First party games look great for ps3 but any console's first party games look great. It's just the facts. I have both and the only thing I use the ps3 for is movies and the occasional exclusive. That hardly justifies the purchase.

ShinMaster2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Don't be so ignorant. It all depends on which system is the lead platform. Games like FF13 are prove of that.
Many times when development is 360-led, calibration takes place on 360 and isn't corrected on PS3.

*Multi-platform games aren't developed for PS3 the same way exclusive games are. Which is why exclusives look so good in comparison to multi-platform games. It is obvious prove of the PS3's power you people deny.
*With 360, exclusive and multi-platform development is pretty much the same.

Many times when development is 360-led, calibration takes place on 360 and isn't corrected on PS3.

DO let the games speak for themselves.
Just look at practically every PS3 exclusive showing you guys up. But that won't stop your denial will it? You guys will keep relying on multi-platform games to argue.

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tacosRcool2379d ago

I don't see why everybody is still dissing and saying that the PS3 is still struggling against the 360. I really don't see that at all.

On another note, why does everybody say that the PS3 had a "original sticker shock price." There where other consoles who sold for ridiculously amount of money when you take inflation into account. Like everybody says that Avatar made more money than Titanic but when you look at the inflation prices and the very high prices for seeing the movie (not to mention ridiculous prices to watching it in 3D), Titanic still made more money without all the extra crap.

MeanOldman2379d ago

cause of sales of the life of the 360. thas the only jab the 360 got left. the 360 threw the kitchin sink at the ps3 last year an couldnt beat it. like more said. the 360s reach and kinect couldnt stop the freight train.

the ps3 is not in a struggle. is the 360 thats tryin to keep its head above water. we arguing the wrong console in this article. sales for life is all the 360 got left an this year thas gone too. cant wait to hear the denials that happen after that.

paintsville2377d ago

Here we go again LOL.

I do like how you fanbois always like to bitch about multiplatform games.

Just accept that the Xbox exclusives look better on the Xbox, PS3 exclusives look better on the PS3 and multis generally look a tiny bit better on the Xbox.

Whether you like it or not that is how it is. Endless bitching how evil corporations like to downgrade the PS3 visuals or don't know what they'er doing because they are stupid or can't learn ps3 (4years pal they've learned it) or ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE and THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROGRAM THE CELL BETTER. Can you really imagine the meeting.....

'So boys we're designing Left for Duty Modern Farts Part 16, who wants what job?'

'Hey can I have the slightly muddier textures on the PS3 o npurpose because I like my work looking a bit crapper! Also as I went to University to do a course on Deliberately Programming Cell a Bit Worse Than I Know How To Annoy Fanbois'

'Ok Who wants crisper Xbox graphics?'

Do you really think if they could get absolute parity they wouldn't?

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LOGICWINS2380d ago

I wonder how high the yearly fee for XBL will go until the majority of users realize that they're paying too much.

NoobJobz2380d ago

I think people would probably stop at $10-$15 a month.

xDaRkModEx2380d ago

I wouldn't be surprise if they don't.

Mustang300C20122380d ago


It has been 7 years that the price was set at $50 before they did a $10 increase. What exactly are you expecting to happen? MS continues to sell consoles in the 5th year and continue to get consumers that are single and dual owners the CHOICE to get the Gold service. I find it funny how much people complain about the options. What is funnier is how much people talking abotu spending for DC Universe for the lifetime service or $15 a month but have issue with a once a year payment for Gold?

BlackTar1872380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Red imho you cant compare the two. Completely different beasts that only share one thing in common monthly fees.

I pay for Xbox and DC universe personally until i get the option that i don't have to without losing out on online play then i will continue to pay since i have friends and family i like to play with all the time.

So its kind of messed up i know i would like to play without a fee for online games but Im not gonna boycott it because they have me in a situation of i pay and get to talk to family and friends while gaming or don't pay and never get to play with some of my brothers around the world.

The comparison between and MMO and xbox live isn't valid imo. Is Xbox live still worth it if you didn't have DC universe to compare it to? Also if a MMO release on XBOX that's a monthly fee on top of your already monthly fee so again its not really a fair comparison.

Aarix2380d ago

oviously you dont have an xbox. All the time, I see a 20% sale and it comes with free microsoft points. $60 a YEAR isnt much at all. Its like #1.25 a week.

BlackTar1872380d ago

If you were talking to me and im not sure you were.l I am actually on a reoccurring subscription so i haven't gotten to partake in any of those deals because i usually don't surf the stores or anything i generally know week by week what is scheduled for release so im very specific when i do go into the store to buy stuff.

shinrock2380d ago

when they stop adding features.

suicidalblues2379d ago

I think it's funny how people justify the xbl price by talking about the "deals" that are out there. Simple fact is MS charges 60 bucks for it, and that's bullshit for peer to peer gaming.

How many gold subscribers do you know that only buy it when it's "on sale"?

Jaces2379d ago

The $50 a month isn't really justified on LIVE, and what amazing promotions and free games/discounts do they give away to Gold members? Pretty much none.

You pay for:

Access to thousands of HD movies from Netflix
Connect with friends using Facebook
Post Tweets on Twitter
Stream personalized radio from
Gold-exclusive discounts
Early access to content

Really? I get almost all of what's listed for free, paying for online is the killer though. You think with all the money MS is getting they could give you Gold members something more instead of stuff others on PS3 get for free.

At least with PS+ I can feel good about shelling out $50 a year with free games, continuous discounts, automatic system updates, etc.. I've already downloaded enough free games to double what I payed for Plus. Can you guys honestly say the same thing for LIVE?

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Kon2380d ago

I have my doubts if you even own an Xbox.

Pixel_Enemy2380d ago

who cares. I own an xbox and I agree with him

tobysims2380d ago

Biggest PS fanboy pretending to be a girl to avoid heat from trolling has an opinion about XBL OMG!!!

MariaHelFutura2380d ago

For anyone doubting I own a 360. PM me and I`ll add you right now.

nycrekid2380d ago

You won't get any pm cause they know you are right.

LiL T2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@vsr I think its unfair that you have to pay $60 for a dvd (or multiple dvd's) and you still cant use it fully until you pay a monthly/yearly fee. I cant belive people are willing to pay that much for a smaller storage medium.Talk about getting screwed.