Activision drops True Crime, maybe adds GTA - It all would makes sense

Yesterday Activision droped a lof of some big franchises, like True Crime and Guitar Hero. Today rumors says, that Activision is faced with the acquisition of Take-Two. It all make sense...

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zeeshan8102657d ago

I don't think they will sell Take2. I mean they didn't sell it to EAGames ($2 Billion - offer). Plus Activision is a **nt with other studios (ex: Infinity).

captain-obvious2657d ago

yah like that is going to change anything

DaBadGuy2657d ago

....meh, if it helped get Futurama back on the air, what the hell.

davekaos2657d ago

@ Captain

Its better than doing nothing!

alien6262657d ago

i find this dumb last that i heard activision didnt cancel true crimes they just out it on hold

MarioWarfare2657d ago

lol I really doubt Activision gives a damn if thousand people sign a petition against them when millions of people vote with their cash and buy call of duty

Seferoth752657d ago

Doing nothing is exactly what you are doing if you sign that.

"....meh, if it helped get Futurama back on the air, what the hell. "
Yes convincing a company to bring back a popular product they own is the exact same thing as convincing a company not to buy something that could potentially make them billions.....

BattleAxe2657d ago

Well I sure hope this doesn't happen. If Activision buys Take Two, say goodbye to games like Borderlands, Agent and The Darkness.

palaeomerus2657d ago

Pffft. You might as well sign a petition against asteroid strikes or antibiotic resistant tuberculosis.

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ATiElite2657d ago

Take2 Zenimax Activision/Blizzard EA Valve and some others are the big time players with Valve being private while the others are public. I just don't see a sale cause Take2 like Valve is pushing the innovation while Activision and EA are relying on "what is selling right now"

vsr2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Sony should buy R* studios to save the GTA Ip's

Others like 2k sports, bioshock ...etc i don't care.

tehpees32657d ago

funny thing is Bobby knows people will pay for GTA.

Activision is made of mega bucks but if Take 2 would sell is up to them. They might see going on their team as a good thing

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Kon2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


alien6262657d ago

omg ur begging to stop! but i dont think activision is not looking at n4g so he cant see this or hear u

MysticStrummer2657d ago

I hope this isn't true. Anything that might benefit the Kotick is bad in my book.

Stealth20k2657d ago

doesnt make any snse

activision kills franchises

Incipio2657d ago

No, PLEASE LEAVE TAKE 2 ALONE...last thing we need is Activision driving another developer and franchise into the ground.

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