Won’t Anyone Let This Man Sell A Sarah Palin Xbox 360?

Poor David Morrill. All he ever wanted to do was sell an Xbox 360 that had, of all things, Sarah Palin's autograph scrawled on the side of it. Instead, all he's getting is trouble.

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MarioWarfare2864d ago

Nobody in their right mind would take a 360 signed by palin for free let alone 25k

gman_2972864d ago

Uh, I would for free, mostly because I have what you would consider a "Right mind" (you know, because I'm a right-winger?).

For 25k, well, I could be buying myself a new computer, monitor (mine's one of those fat-ass ones), a new desk, a new gaming station thing where I keep all of my games and consoles, and maybe a ton more PS3 games.

GodsHand2864d ago

No, certificate of authenticity, no sale.

xAlmostPro2864d ago

The only way he'll sell it is if he prices it as a normal 360

Mr_Bun2864d ago

I think it's a perfect combination. Those who would purchase a 360 today probably think Sarah has a brain

MarioWarfare2864d ago

Being a fanboy must be great, I bet it kills you inside when you see people having fun playing games on 360

Bnet3432863d ago

Fanboys are a sad breed, sadder then the entire Palin family. Therefore Mr. Bun, you are a sad individual.

Shaolen2864d ago

Maybe he should of got her to sign a copy of "Bayonetta"?

DuneBuggy2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Having a game console signed by Palin is like having a die cast Nascar signed by Tiger Woods or Reese Weatherspoon.
I dont see the point and the price is beyond rediculous.

sp1deynut2864d ago

However, if I were him, I'd have simply said "The signature, which cannot be posted, per eBay policy...sounds an awful lot like parasailin', when read aloud. ;)

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