Cool NGP elements set aside to remain on price target

Some cool elements of the NGP have had to be set aside in order to keep the device on a pre-determined price target, Shuhei Yoshida, president, SCE worldwide studios, has told Edge magazine.

"Since the very beginning we had a target in mind. So, when considering various features, we always had our price range in mind. There were elements that we found pretty cool, but had to set aside to remain on target."

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Trunkz Jr2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Sounds like they bit off more then they can chew, going on about all those great features and stuff in order to spoil the 3DS spotlight and it probably would of cost $350-$400...

We'll probably just see a really basic NGP to get as close as they can to 3DS price, then a fully loaded one but a much higher price.

despair2532d ago

Did you read what he said? It was during development they set the price goal and had to cut features then to keep cost down. What they unveiled was what they finalized on, they are not cutting anything from what was revealed.

NiKK_4192532d ago

i wonder what other features they were going to add..probably some awesome stuff

nickjkl2532d ago

wait this means the ps4 will be made with price first and then design

thehitman2532d ago

Give me what I want and my wallet will give you what you want.

blumatt2532d ago

I have a strong feeling that originally, the PSP2 was gonna have a 3D screen, but it got set aside for more important features, and for price reasons.

Surfaced2532d ago

Hmm so NGP will be priced aggressively.

I'd like to see it at $250-350.

AhmadCentral2532d ago

I think they'll go somewhere between $279-$329. They Wouldn't want to go to far over the PS3 price of 299.

TwistedMetal2532d ago

I think from now on every needs to stfu about NGp price after this article.

Eidolon2532d ago

Can't go to

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The story is too old to be commented.