Crysis 2 : TV Episode 4 Video

a dev diary for the upcoming shooter

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starchild2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

This is a must buy game for me. Crysis was such a great experience and I really think that Crysis 2 is looking even better. Needless to say the graphics are jaw dropping.

BLACKBOIJONES2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

My friend downloaded the game yesterday...The size i got was over 12 GIG :O...

Any way ive finished it, may b the complete game will have some things that the pirated one did not have but from what i have played its nothing really special, the game is really good but i prefer crysis 1.I dont think i will b buying the game,When the final build is out my friend got a link that can download the final build so i will b playing for free..Call me a pirate fan i dont care, im sure every one on this site has downloaded music for free b4:D

@vandal GAB(BELOW) ...Y do u say that,u know some people in life just happens to know some people who know very smart geeks.I myself did not blive him when he called me that he got crysis 2, the first thing i tought was ok i just saw the news on n4g that it has been leaked and now i get a call telling me to come and play it.It was too good to b true but i went for it.And i played it, i rushed throw the game while my friend was playing black ops on his console.So i had his PC all to my self yesterday.I know part of the reason y u dont blive me is cuz i bashed the graphics in the other article;well just cuz i bashed the graphics a little that dose not mean i dont like the game.And that was b4 i found out that it was not the final build,im sure the final build will have much better graphics.

vandal GAB2660d ago

Somehow I don't believe you!

starchild2660d ago

Blackboijones is a hardcore PS3 fanoboy. Just a couple hours ago he was making negative comments in another article based solely on a video. Now, only a couple of hours later he has supposedly beat it. Yeah sure.

He's just another stupid fanboy determined to try and bring this game down.

And no, I don't pirate games.

vandal GAB2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Watched the first level on youtube DX9 medium settings and I must say it looks incredible best looking FPS ever, if the console versions even come close to matching that we are in for a treat.

Spoiler Warning!

Tachyon_Nova2660d ago

Yeah, and that's on medium. Crysis has always had 2 settings above that, and then of course there is dx11!

vandal GAB2660d ago

I hate to think how good DX11 V.High will look, It's gonna melt peoples eyes.

starchild2660d ago

Best damn graphics ever.