Sony: Real name for NGP to be revealed later this year

Sony Computer Entertainment will announce the real name of its PSP successor, codenamed NGP, later this year, Shuhei Yoshida, president, SCE worldwide studios, has told Edge magazine.

Asked why the handheld wasn't announced as the PSP2, Yoshida said: "Well, NGP is the codename we've used since 2008. We will announce the final name of the console sometime later this year."

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GrieverSoul2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

It will be named Jane...





mantisimo2378d ago

"we will announce the final name of the console sometime later this year."

Well Duh, it's released this year would be pretty daft to release without a name. :)

anh_duong2378d ago

why the disagrees.. who wouldn't want a puss3??

siyrobbo2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

maybe someone with a semblance of personality?

anh_duong2378d ago

lighten up it's a joke.. insulting people is hardly a normal personality trait

Etseix2378d ago

man.. is N4G remember? people dont usually take a joke unless u put /jk - /s at the end of your statement.

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Raendom2378d ago

Puu? (Opposite of Wii)

FailOverHero2378d ago

Well, it is a number 2 after all. As in the 2nd psp

mantisimo2378d ago

@ Raendom no they cannot use Puu Microsoft have used that for a secret Kinect shooter.

sayonara892378d ago

They should leave NGP IMO...

pilotpistolpete2378d ago

While NGP sounds good, I can see "next-gen" being laughable in 5 years when the next generation of portables will be out.

Michael-Jackson2378d ago

Agree, I like the code name NGP.

SonyNGP2378d ago

Agreed. NintendoGotPwned speaks for itself ;)

Kee2378d ago

Nah, no one beats Nintendo in portable system sales. I'm afraid everyones gonna go nuts when the 3DS drops. Even if 3D gaming is nothing more than a novelty.

SonyNGP2378d ago

I was just messing around with the NintendoGotPwned thing :/

NiKK_4192378d ago

while i think ngp is not a bad name, it isn't as recognizable as psp2, sometimes i miss it when someone says ngp, psp2 catches my eyes a lot easier

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sich922378d ago


FailOverHero2378d ago

True...but nintendo have pokemon exclusivity

sich922378d ago

doesnt matter im talkin about the pikachu effect not the pokemon himself xD