Dead Space: Salvage Now Available on PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network has long offered digital comics to its users, varying wildly in the quality of their virtual reproduction, just as in their price and delay between retail and digital availability. One new addition to the PlayStation Store will surely interest gamers more than most: that of the recently released Dead Space: Salvage graphic novel.

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SuperStrokey11232780d ago

Is it for the PSP comic store or can it be put on a PS3 as well? I think the comics are psp only.

SuperStrokey11232780d ago

Thanks, wish they had a comic reader for ps3 as well. Oh well i guess i will wait till the NGP gets it, i assume it will have a comic reader at least.

Well actually now that i think about it no i wont as the Comic store isnt open to Canada... bummer

VenomProject2780d ago

Go buy it if you're interested in learning what happened on the Ishimura after Isaac left.

I've got the physical version and the art is just PERFECT.

Christopher Shy is a truly talented artist.

nikrel2780d ago

I just downloaded the Digital ver, wonder how it differs from the physical. Haven't started reading it yet, I love Dead Space.