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Everything we know about Battlefield 3 in 90 seconds.

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WobblyOnion2660d ago

Quick, quirky. Anyway, can't wait for Battlefield 3. Because JETS!

PS : I miss gamestate. Celebrity co-op with hot wimmins and comedians always made me happy.

granthinds2660d ago

Haha! Thanks man :) I miss it too. And yes, jets are awesome!

bageara2660d ago

only 24 players on consoles, wont the battlefield feel a bit empty?

bageara2660d ago

Please don't think I'm a PC fanboy having a dig I've never used a PC for gaming. it's just if the maps are designed for 64 players but on console only 24 players... Well that's a big difference isn't it? It just worries me the battlefield is going to feel a bit empty

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Bageara, BF2 had scalable maps which I have a feeling will be included with BF3. So, in BF2, for every map, there were three versions of it: a 16 player, a 32 player, and a 64 player. What they could do is offer the consoles the opportunity to play the two smaller sizes while allowing all three on PC.

kelvinmanley2660d ago

sounds pretty crazy. like this whole frostbite engine but will make a call once i see it in action.

granthinds2660d ago

Very diplomatic of you. From what I see, i think it's worth getting really excited about... I'm very impressed with this years lineup and Battlefield 3 is definitely on top there.

PS3Blog2660d ago

Hope there will be more classes to choose from, or more customisation.

granthinds2660d ago

There will be. They're apparently trying to bring in a similar customization system to Battlefield Heroes. But obviously more realistic. I suppose that also makes it a more pricey affair. Hopefully they keep that in reign.

SJPFTW2659d ago

they already said 4 classes was the sweet spot. so no change there

BradyRuiters2660d ago

I hate to say it but I've never played Battlefield. Looks pretty good though. Might pick up Bad Company 2 since I've many good things.

I miss GameState too :(

granthinds2660d ago

Thanks man, i miss it too... But definitely pick up BF: BC2. Very very cool game! Well worth it.

BradyRuiters2660d ago

I think I'm defintely going to pick it up. Time to check the bargain bins. The Frostbite 2.0 Engine looks awesome.

ianfelmore2660d ago

Jets + prone + 64 player multi = Pre-order

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The story is too old to be commented.