Retail calls for sub-£300 NGP

Specialists have told MCV that they predict the NGP – previously known as the PSP2 – will cost between £200 and £300 when it goes on sale later this year.

Any higher and retailers believe Sony runs the risk of the handheld console underperforming.

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sinncross2780d ago

I think ideally, Sony would go for 250, reasonably try for 300 but on the high-end go for 350 depending purely on how each unit affects profit or lack thereof.

Sure, 350 is not ideal but you cant blame them if 300 lower means massive loss.

If 300 I definitely will pick it up easily... 350.. well I'll wait until e3 where the full details are exposed.

Chris3992780d ago

I've been stuck (in my head) at $299/ $349 - without 3G and with, respectively - as a price-point for the NGP.

I do hope Sony plays it smart with this device. Would be nice to see them being competitive from the get-go.

SuperStrokey11232779d ago

I think everyone wants it that low, but this is sony guys...