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Spending roughly 90 minutes playing a game that many gamers have been waiting for over a decade to play is a bit of a surreal experience. Even with a May 3rd release date already announced, and a short demonstration that was available at PAX in Seattle fairly recently, many are still unconvinced that Duke Nukem Forever is indeed finally on its way out to the public.

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Masterchef20072860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I loved Borderlands from Gearbox. SO i am expecting them to do a good job with this game. I only hope that they make the PS3 version good but then again they didnt do a bad job with it in borderlands. But ultimately the PC will be the best version but i dont own a gamming PC.

PS: Saw the screens and for some reason it has a Halo look i dont know why.

NukaCola2860d ago

The gameplay looked cool, but I am not digging the voice. He sounds like when Cameron was pretending to be Simone's dad talking to Ed Rooney on the phone in the beginning of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.