Official: Sony Confirm DC Universe Discs Locked To Single Account Forever

Sony responds to request for clarification on whether or not DC Universe Online discs are locked to a user's account. They have confirmed this to be true; discs are single-use only.

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WobblyOnion2860d ago

The previous report may have been based on supposition, but now there's official confirmation, which is both sad and scary.

Dragun6192860d ago

Isn't this standard for mmorpg? I thought you can't trade in/ resell mmo games cause they needed like a key for the disc? This is coming from someone who doesn't play mmo's.

GavinMannion2860d ago

@Dragun619, generally MMO's are free (or really cheap) and then you just buy a sub..

This is saying that the disc itself gets locked to your sub, which can't be sold... which is BS

Chris3992860d ago

Complete misinformation. Even older MMOs charge you for the basic software - AoC, WAR, WoW - and it is tied forever to your account. "Cheap" is a matter of personal opinion, but it's certainly not free (free to play MMOs are another issue entirely). This is the MMO standard. To be honest I was surprised that DCUO didn't operate this way.

Regardless, I've had a rather dire family situation come up and have no time for MMOs, so I traded it in at Blockbuster. So that's still an option for now.

Honestly, I'm a bit irritated that they didn't offer a digital version from day one anyway. Not a fan of physical MMOs.

NiKK_4192860d ago

if all mmos are generally like this, why are people complaining? except for the obvious fact of it costing $60

Nicaragua2860d ago

EVE online is free to download and then just charges for the subscription, and thats one of the larger MMO's.

Chris3992860d ago

Retail release. Eve. Costs money. Please do a Google search before hand next time. Eve is the exception, not the RULE as far as offering a free client too. Any of the other MAJOR MMOs (which Eve is not, really), do not follow this trend. LoRO, D&D (before they went f2p) all had retail releases that cost real money.

kreate2860d ago

Starcraft 2 cost 50-60 dollars.

and its also forever tied to ur account.

diablo 3. most likely be the same.

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lazysey2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

theres always a catch. but for god's sake, its a ps3 game, not a pc dvd drm. just wow. whats next uncharted 3?

kreate2860d ago

no but pc gaming is invading console gaming.

so pc style of business is also hitting console gaming.

lazysey2860d ago

wow thats so awesome guys, give me pc game price as well then.

kreate2860d ago

so what exactly is ur complaint?

if u dont want to play it, or disagree with
the company's business approach. than dont play

uncharted 3 has nothing to do with dc universe.
final fantasy 14 will be about the same pricing as dc universe.

expect more of these to come out on consoles
in the near future.

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GavinMannion2860d ago

I can go with the account being locked but to lock the disc as well just seems insane to me.

it's obviously just a shot at shutting down second hand game sales

Chris3992860d ago

it will be the same situation. Full PC retail price and tied forever to an account. Do you have any idea how MMOs work? I'm thinking "no". If you want a FREE console MMO, grab White Knight Chronicles. Or Kingdom Under Fire 2 when it comes out.

I do like how you're trying to spin this story as some sort of sordid exposé, when it's really just the MMO standard and has been for years. Console gamers just aren't educated on these issues. It would be nice if you did an education piece more than a QQ/ nerd-rage piece.

GavinMannion2860d ago

Dude I didn't write this piece... I just agree with it.

Just because someone is being ripped off on the PC doesn't mean it's okay to do the same thing on a console...

pilotpistolpete2860d ago

"it's really just the MMO standard and has been for years. Console gamers just aren't educated on these issues."

Could it be because it's a ripoff and us console gamers are just finding out. now?

Just because you're used to pumping out cash on PC MMOs doesn't mean it's fair. Console gamers have been buying disks and cartridges for over 30 years with no lock in account.

Biggest2860d ago

It isn't the PC standard. Look at the MMORPGs released on PS2 and Xbox 360. It is the same situation.


I hope that it is more understandable that way. Chris399 seems to be the only person with knowledge of MMOs around here. It isn't a Sony thing. There is a fairly popular game named Final Fantasy XI on the Xbox 360 right this second. The disk costs money. The account costs money. The disk is locked to the one use.

FailOverHero2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Looool! Sony is high. Talk about 1 upping project $10.
Cannot wait to hear how those we do not speak off will try spin/defend this.
"Sony is just trying to protect their investment, would you do the same?"
"I don't care, I don't plan on selling the game anyway, it is too awesome."
"The 2nd hand market is causing developers stress and Sony is leading the fight to keep studios from closing down"
"I bet if Microsoft did it nobody would write an article about it"
Those are the best I could think off but I know they can be very creative
Forgot one:
Killzone fact someone WILL reply to this post with 'Killzone 3' and get 50 agrees lol.
"Just keep the exclusives coming SONY, thats all we care about"

ChristianGamer2860d ago

Killzone 3

Lol what? I need bubbles ok?! I'm not selling out

VenomProject2860d ago

Why do YOU need more bubbles? To have more chances to troll?

Venatus-Deus2860d ago

Can't you just renounce your sins, say a few Hail Mary’s or just pray for some bubbles?

krauler2860d ago

funny enough to get a bubble from me.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2860d ago


do not reply to these guys. dont even bother hitting disagree. Just mark as spam and be done with it. Maybe 1 day N4G will IP ban them.... if theyre actually 2 different ppl.

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MrBeatdown2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

It's funny you come in here to troll (and ridiculously ironic considering what you wrote).

It's funny because you were originally rambling on about piracy ruining the PS3 when the PS3 hack news got started, and myself and a few others brought up how Sony can uniquely identify each disc as a means to fight piracy. You seemed to think we were wrong. But this just goes to show we were right.

I believe you said... "No, its all the same key, don't you get it. That's the epic fail. Sony didn't randomize."

FailOverHero fails again.

Achemki2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Do you even play games, or just troll DCU articles? What is this, #10 for you?

I know you haven't had an MMO on the 360 sice 2006's half-hearted Final Fantasy 11, but get over it.

Solid_Snake-2860d ago

nice speech.......shame you dont have a clue what your on about.

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granthinds2860d ago

This is such a bad business model. it's actually frikkin' useless... it's pretty much dead in the water.

GavinMannion2860d ago

Except that people don't know it yet and so Sony will deem it a success if there is no backlash

granthinds2860d ago

It's bull. The point is to keep people playing. Remember Conan Sony!!!

The Iron Sheik2860d ago

Wow that's really shady. For 60 bucks I should own the game and be able to lend it to a friend or sell it if I want to.

SnukaTheMan2860d ago

im sure alot would of passed knowing what they know now.

Persistantthug2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I bought WoW a few weeks after release for $50....

Works the same way.

Paid 39.99 for City Of Villains (which I didn't even like that much), and it also works the same way.

They pretty much all do.