No More Heroes: "Travis Close" Video + TGS 2007 Footages

GT posted five "No More Heroes" videos on September 21-23. They are titled: "Travis Close", "TGS 07 Game Intro Cam Footage", "TGS 07 Cam Trailer", "Game Show Suda51", and "Games Show Stage". Only the later four TGS/Game Show videos are embedded here. The "View Video" link below directs you to the "Travis Close" video.

No More Heroes tells the tale of Travis Touchdown, a down-and-out anime geek who becomes bored with life in Los Angeles. So he buys a beam katana (aka lightsaber) from eBay and then gets himself sucked into a world of crazed, over-the-top assassins. After he kills the 11th best assassins in the world, he decides that he wants to find and eliminate the ten best assassins in the world so he can become number one.

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