Gamespot @ D.I.C.E 2011: Mass Effect 2 hits DICE jackpot

DICE 2011: Red Dead Redemption, Enslaved, and God of War III upset at Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' annual trophy fest.

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MysticStrummer2865d ago

Enslaved shouldn't even be part of that conversation, so it's not really an upset. Then again, I found the shooting gameplay in the ME2 demo to be so bad that I probably won't play it until I'm bored and there is a big sale. GoW3's gameplay was more of the same, which isn't bad but doesn't deserve many awards at this point. Red Dead was the total package.

Raider692864d ago

Well ENSLAVED is up with the best because it deserves!Do your self a favor a give the game a chance,because some really dont know what they are losing without playing it!

Christopher2864d ago


Angry Birds HD beat out PvZ... I am so freaking sad about that. Truly.

And even more pissed that they got even nominated for innovation when all they did was reskin Crash the Castle.

Megaton2864d ago

I don't think PvZ should have really even been nominated. It came out in 2009. The console ports are just dragging behind. It's clearly the better game, IMO. I just don't think it belongs there. It would be like Mass Effect 2 getting nominated again next year because the PS3 version just came out.

Megaton2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I seem to find myself in agreement with the AIAS' picks quite often. At least with their GOTY picks.

PandaJenkins2864d ago

Enslaved and Alan Wake both deserved some awards. AW for best story in any case.

Glad ME2 beat RDR though. It deserved it faaaaaar more.